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Everlasting Munchies

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pawpcorn, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. I've been an avid toker for about 3 years where I would smoke 2-3 times everyday. Ever since I started to quit smoking about 3 days ago, I noticed that my eating habits have changed. I have cravings every fucking hour and when I eat I eat like I'm stoned, having no control over what I eat. Luckily I workout everyday so I don't get fat but I've been starting to eat about 4000 calories per day...
  2. shit dude im the exact opposite. I usually dont eat at all unless im high. I just dont have an appetite without bud.
  3. damn.

    If you have enough discipline to workout everyday, I'm sure you will have enough discipline to tell yourself NO to your cravings and find a way past it
  4. Smoke weed to get rid of the munchies? Has this ever been done before?
  5. My munchies are real bad if i smoke medical. My stomach literally becomes bottomless. I ate so much over the holiday, it's weird that you can't even tell by looking at me haha.
  6. My buddy made a batch of brownies one day using some crazy purple trainwreck and some hash and we ate them before class and by 4th period we were eating more brownies just to satisfy the munchies! It was a never ending cycle hahahahaha
  7. I actually get where the OP is coming from here.

    When I started to smoke weed more often I found that my desire for food in the moment (munchies) was obviously huge, but my longterm need for food to fill a psychological gap was actually replaced by my desire to smoke weed.

  8. Thats because food could easily be considered a drug haha. Especially Pizza. I could eat an entire pie by myself but I gotta stop myself after three pizzas so I don't feel horrible.

  9. LOL exactly.

    Food has been my drug of choice since grade 4 haha. I'm not 500 pounds or anything but I'm a bit chunky and smoking weed is a habitual activity that actually gets my mind off of food, granted if I can handle the immediate munchies haha.

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