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  1. I heard a comedian once say "Smoking pot leads to carpentry":p.
    My rental is an old house and i got tired of the fucked up plaster and bland white paint.
    After going to home depot to get plaster, i went to walmart to get some other things.
    I went to check out the paint,they had a close out section,wrong colors etc.
    I see a gallon with a green mark and 50% off-$6.65.
    I take a chance and buy it,after doing two walls i really liked it.I had more then a 1/2 gal left and started doing more walls.
    I went to walmart to see if they could match it,and they did.
    I looked at the color selection and took some samples to do more.
    I found the color in the greens,it's called "Evergreen".:p.
    I think it is just funny:rolleyes:.I'm Irish too so green is a good thing:cool:.
    Well back to painting my house Evergreen,up stairs at least.:smoke: Just like my grows-Evergreen.:devious:


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  2. One thing i forgot-see that "Woodstock" poster all fucked up?
    It's a real one from 1969,i bought it in 1973 for .50¢:eek:.
    I wish i didn't mess it up.:(:eek::mad:

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