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  1. Hey GC,

    Im going to be investing in a new tube this weekend. I got around (300-400) to spend and I was looking at my local shop and saw a few nice Everest tubes. The only thing is that they are charging quite a bit, around 100 out of my range for a singe tree perc w/ splash guard, and its worked. Im going to try to work the price down but I was seeing if anyone had any other suggestions on what to buy in that range. I know these threads get posted all the time, but I really want to make sure I get the most of my money. I am really looking for at least one tree perc. Thanks!:smoke:
  2. who does your head shop carry?
  3. are you opposed to buying online?
  4. They mostly carry everest(way overpriced tho), thats about it in the tube department. If i venture to the city I can get a selection of roor,illadelph, sovreignty.

    Im a little skeptical about online just because I would like to see it before spending that much skrill, but I was thinking about signing up for boromarket, I also looked at some nice stuff from Itza online.
  5. I've seen a lot of Everest glass, and I even own an Everest Scientific 6 arm bubbler. It's been through hell and still hasn't broken, in fact, i keep it in a plastic tote not in a case with a bunch of mason jars and the tote gets kicked and moved around a lot and the piece is completely fine.

    However, I think you can do much better for the money. Everest is a good company, but there are much better values out there. (SG, SYN, SGW etc)
  6. Have any of you guys ever ordered from bitfreakglass.com???? I saw some real nice stuff on there for the price range in lookin.. a sheldon black
  7. never ordered from there but seems legit. i would shy away from the everest purchase cause you can get way better for the price you are looking to spend
  8. yea im for sure not going to buy that everest. Im really digging this sheldon black on bitfreak... SHELDON BLACK


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