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Ever worry about gettin lung cancer

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cali_Toker, Apr 27, 2003.

  1. do any other tokers on here ever get hella paranoid bout getting lung cancer when they get older. Weed smoke is worse on the lungs than cigarettes.

    The other day i was playing basketball (one of my fav things to do) and i noticed how its gotten to the point where i have a hard time breathin and i get all this snot and slime and shit from my lungs all in my mouth to the point where im almost chokin on it, i know its from smokin cigs and weed. It kinda scares me.

    Anyone else ever worry bout shit like that ?
  2. there have been studies that show THC may actually help prevent lung cancer from the smoke.

    i don't really worry much about it 'cause i only smoke weed... but my family smokes a lot of cigs... i'm more worried about getting lung cancer from their second hand smoke than i am from smoking weed.
  3. Not from pot. But that's why I quit tobacco. That, and
    tobacco is just nasty shit anyway.
  4. i dont smoke enough to see it as a problem. There may be more whatever it is in a joint than a cigarette, but think about how many cigarettes some people smoke in a day compared to a few small bowls for me.
  5. I'm not too worried about it, but I know it's a possibility. The cigs are much worse for you too. I only smoke la Juana, so I haven't seem any problems yet.
  6. tobacco causes lung cancer, weed doesnt :D
    nicotine constricts bronchial tubes and thc kinda dilates them
    i smoke weed, and a cig every once in a great while...... clove cigs give me a little headbuzz when im stoned
  7. ya, breathing feels damn good when high.
  8. like half the people on the city, i dont smoke cigs and dont worry about it. but there is still that chance... and i know i wont stop or slow down smokin' weed. at least until im 21 and can just go out to a bar like every night jeez life sucks when your young. everything just gets fucked up

  9. damn i guess im the only one that worries. Any kind of smoke in your lungs causes lung cancer. I guess i worry cause i smoke so much, pretty much all day every day for yrs and yrs and im startin to feel the affects, i have a harder time playin sports and shit like that and sometimes i have huge cough attacks, but i do smoke cigs too though so that dosent help..

    anyways, smoke up.
  10. I'm much more worried about the cigs I smoke and all the toxic shit I have been exposed to at jobs. Over the years I've worked with acids, alkaline based-caustics, fiberglass, plastics, silica(a hook fibre similar to asbestos.). I think marijuana smoke is the least of my worries.
  11. ey, Cali...get off them tobacco sticks. i just quit a few months back and believe'll feel better. bein' from Cali, you prolly smoke Menthols...hopefully you werent like me, puffin' Newports 'cause those are the worst. but yeah...get off them cigs.

  12. dude, i'd stop smoking stems and leaves, or low grade hashish. thats the only way i can think that weed smoke is worse than tobacco. If you smoke the bud sensibly, im fairly certain that you'll actualy be doing your lungs a great benifit. tobacco on the other hand....

    ....yeah i'm scared of lung cancer, its one of the MANY health problems u get from smoking tobacco. its now about 9 years since i started smoking that crap, and after many times of trying to quit, its only now that once my life is threatened by it, i think i've finally managed to stop.

    as skreebly said, Cannabis dialates the lungs just like asthma medicine does.

    burning any plant matter is going to give of carcinogens, but just like cottons said... THC can actually destroy cancerous cells... so its highly unlikely that you could become the first known person ever to get cancer from cannabis.

    but if your lungs are chucking up gungk i'd lay of the buckets, hot knives, rockets, and all the big hitters... there's only so much ganja smoke you can cram into your lungs before oils start to collect. hehe, been there done that. ;p
  13. yea, i do too, being that i smoke cigerettes and pot..... its a concern for the fututre, but still osmehting that sits in the back of your mind every once an a while....
  14. Yes, I do, but I don't smoke cigarettes so I think that helps a lot. Sometimes when I get really high/paranoid, I think that I may have gotten lung cancer from what I just smoked! But that passes.
  15. paranoia sucks... I just take life as it comes.. I smoke hella weed everyday.. and I smoke a cig every once in a while.. used to smoke a lot of cigarettes.. my parents always tell me to quit cuz i'm gonna get cancer.. I hope smoking weed counteracts the cigs.. but every morn' when I wake up I go through 30 min of coughing sneezing and spitting.. it sucks, so i'm thinking of quiting the cancer sticks.. gonna buy a pack of cloves but I hear they can make your lungs bleed... dunno.. peace
  16. no, I aint scared because I dont smoke cigs. and I bet that ciggy's r your problem for that flam and shit in your throat..... and your breathing, weed is natural, hehe:) cigarettes are GROASE!
  17. im not worried eathier although i do smoke cigs every day and like at least 6or7 joints a day i've been coughin up some weird lookin shit lattly im ganna try to quit smokeing the cigs again then i'll feel better
  18. I think it would depend if your cutting your grass with tobbaco (spin). If your smoking pure (congradulations, I can't handle that) then its my bet that you're pretty safe. Toke on!! :)

  19. cannabis counteracts the cannabis. ;)

    there's carcinogens in cannabis, and i think that there's be enough THC to counteract the cannabis... but tobaky is much worse with all its chemicals and shit too...

    but i guess it all depends on how strong (thc) your doobage is.

    and as for cloves.... there's better easier things than that. parsley or legal mj alternatives (which dont do shit).
  20. keep on token better to go out high then sober and hey ,,,somethings gonna get us ,,,its just life non of us will get out of it alive,,,,but put the cigs down more room for the weed ,,live long and puff puff pass

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