Ever witness strange events in public

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by geert, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. So ever see anything really funny, weird, etc?

  2. No, never
  3. I was taking the long way home like I usually do at night, and I cut through my old elementary school.... and I saw a man (pretty fit.) his shirt was off, and he had a husky type dog tied to a tree just chillin on the sidewalk

    He had a gym bag and was lifting weights... at 11PM at night.

    Happened about a week ago.
  4. I saw a squirrel outside of my apartment yesterday at around 9:25 in the morning, does that satisfy any of your criteria?
  5. I saw a car stop at a red light yesterday driving home. Very weird
  6. Not really in public but one time when I was like 17 my friends and I were smoking in a parking lot at around 1am in my car. A little in our session and two separate cars pulled up and two old people got out and started making out.
  7. i was walking through a park with my friend and we noticed some guy was taking a piss in front of us so we started laughing, he turned round with everything stll all hanging out and just stood there looking at us, he was white and his dick was brown, if thats not weird i dont knw what is
  8. Saw a groundhog run up my hill while mowing my lawn yesterday and it went under my deck. I would have checked up on it but it looked like out was fleeing and you know what they say about cornered animals..
  9. As i was driving home with my driving instructor a few years ago i drove passed a burning trashcan, this thing was like ENGULFED in flames on the side of the road with multiple people looking at it, i wanted to look so bad but everytime i turned my head my instructor yelled out "EYEZ ON DA ROAD!!" in an indian accent lol.

    Before that i was like 10 riding around with my father and a friend of his and i seen some dude wrapping the tape from a casette tape around a light pole with a big cup of soda in his hand, he waved to my dad and my dad waved back then he threw the soda at the pole and walked off.

    I've seen multiple other strange things but thats cause.. well drugs =D
  10. My uncle and I were cruising on the lake in his boat, smoking. Suddenly, we heard singing. We turned down the music, and looked across the lake. There was a choir just posted on someone's deck, singing beautify. When they finished we started clapping, it was quite the sight. :D
  11. Did you touch it?
  12. At a stop light I saw a mustang have its light turn red but they skidded in to the intersection and whipped a 180 and dipped.

    I pissed off some Russians one time they had and audi and drifted a turn with me right behind them.
  13. that just fucked my head
  14. I saw a naked guy walking nonchalantly thru a crowded shopping center while i was eating at an Uppercrust at like 1 or 2 in the afternoon.
  15. who wouldnt?
  16. I've seen a few dead hobos
  17. I've seen a cab driver harass and snatch this bitches purse and then bounce. I think she didn't pay or something.
  18. I saw a black guy with a white penis and I didn't touch it
  19. me and my friend were high as fuck walking around a neighborhood at 1am. we look at some apartment building and see a lady watching us while brushing her hair...my friend was like "you see that?" then he told me to turn around to make sure it wasn't a ghost lmfao..

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