Ever try HDR?

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Bluntski, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. Here are a few of mine



  2. HDR is best used for pics of buds...

    Just kidding. Great pics man you got talent.
  3. nice pics
  4. Thanks guys....

    I could try some HDR macros of some bud (seen it done with flowers) with some crazy high F stop and see how much of the composition I can get in focus. So instead of seeing a macro with one beautiful part in focus made of one exposure I could try HDR and get pretty much all of it in focus and bring out any detail that my have previously been lost with out the combination of multiple exposures.

    sorry i ramble thanks again and thanks for the idea... could turn out like some crazy abstract art if I get close enough haha
  5. [​IMG]
    Used to love HDR
  6. When I first got into photography a long time ago, I was heavily into HDR. Now I almost despise it because there are a lot of people over using it and in a sense using just to make a "crappy" photo look interesting. I guess I shouldn't say I hate HDR, I think it's great, it's the over tonemapping that I don't like. It does looks nice on black and white and urban photos.

    A little over done on the river one but that's my preference. I prefer using exposure blend now which gives realistic results.

    You have some nice photos though, really like the sea/sky and building!
  7. Thanks for the input and I am loving your photos... I can totally agree that people over do HDR... almost to the point where it looks cartoon like. And i can agree that it was a little over done, especially in the river one but i wanted it to have that dramatic feel and almost like the water is going to suck you in. Looks much nicer when it's larger.
  8. Goddamn those are nice
  9. well done bluntski
  10. thanks for the love. I will dig up some other HDR stuff I have later and try and post a few more up.
  11. I've tried to make some HDR photos, but have failed to do a decent job. I figured I'd try it again when I can get a DSLR that shoots instead of right on edge of DSLR point and shoot I have. Not to mention, jpeg HDR don't turn out as nice in my opinion. +rep for the nice shots.

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