Ever thrown up because of weed?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Smash420, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. This happened last weekend. I had a friend sleeping at my house, and we got some nice dank to make it a night to remember. We arrived at my house at about midnight, and immediately got out the bongs to do some fat rips. I was coming right off a week long break from Mary Jane so i knew i was gonna get proper BAKED.

    We watched Pineapple Express and worked our way through about 6 bowls and 2 joints each. Holy sh*t, i was already so fucking high i couldn't think straight. After the next bowl my friend announces he needs to lay down for a bit, and i didn't think anything of it, cause, hell, this was some dank shit.

    I just keep smoking my bong, and about half an hour later, my friend wordlessly gets up, walks to the window, opens the window, and leans out. asked him wtf he was doing and got a real vomit fest in reply! You probably saw this coming, but i sure as hell didnt! He keeps this shit up for about 5 minutes and half way through i just started laughing my ass off. I had tears in my eyes, for all the right reasons! He just went to sleep after that while i kept smoking throughout the night :smoking:

    So really what im getting at is: have any of you guys ever thrown up from smoking to much weed? Ive got headaches, been in weed induced commas, but i sure as hell never threw up.
  2. Just once. I think it was because I was new to smoking and was smoking with people new to smoking, and inhaled some stale ass smoke left in a bong, or I swallowed smoke by accident. Either way it was fucking weird; still not sure why it happened.

    But now a days weed helps me with nausea so much that the thought of throwing up from smoking bud seems ridiculous.
  3. I've been extremely high to the point where I got the headspins and I drank a glass of water and spewed it back out because it wouldn't go down... I couldnt function properlly.... smoked way too much the first time
  4. yep, i have
  5. Usually happens when a beginner smokes with veterans. I have made people vomit.(felt like shit)
  6. Wow..... am i really the only guy who smokes shit loads of weed and hasn't thrown up because of it at some point? All of my stoner friends have.

    Well, ill just consider myself lucky eh? It will probably happen to me some day, when i least expect it. :rolleyes:
  7. Can't say I have, if anything weed helps me get hungry and eases my stomach pains. Now that I am no longer smoking weed, I gag and can barely get down 2 bites of food without almost puking it all up :(
  8. smoking a zong and a giant custom mushroom dry piece straight for like 20 mins bowl after bowl made me puke. only done it that one time we had a ounce between 3 people, didnt smoke it all but had enuf.
  9. once.. i ate up a bag of hot cheetos took a couple shots then when i blazed like an hour later i pooched and threw up =[

    i was a noob though back then
  10. no, but I felt like it one time cuz we smoked like a QO in one sitting of constant smoking.
    It's either from smoking a whole bunch in one sitting when your generally new or from toking and not eating when you got the munchies. Idk though cuz when I felt it we had also smoked blunts (never had nicotine at that point) and we each had like 5 mikes hard lemonades.
    Yeah I know it's a bitch beer but his sister bought a case and drank 1&1/2 out of it and said we could have the rest so we just did.
  11. i think once. it was 2nd time smoking out of a bong and we had some dank, trainwreck if i remember correctly. ne ways smoked a good 3 bowls btw 4 ppl. walk out of the trailer park, homie says out loud " i think i just saw 5 guys walk bye" when clearly there was no one. we take the long walk to my car, and just sit there, i was like dude, i cant drive you home, im faded. then i get my ass home, 10 mins later, i get out of the car, and right in my front yard i spew. i look around, and i see my neighbors MILF lookin mom just gasp. and i run into the house. literally RUN.

    well that was my recollection. i think i might have been halucinationg a bit. cuz i later asked if they saw me act weird, they said nothing. i think i might have just bent over adn spit out water. just pure blurrrrr! :(

  12. Are you saying QO to represent a quarter ounce? At first I thought you messed up typing a QP.

    And just so this post isn't totally worthless; I have almost never thrown up when I drink and smoke bud. I definitely throw up when I'm drinking without it though.
  13. i did once. it was becasue i took such a huge hit and had just drank a big glass of water.lmao and then i had to clean up all the watery mucus garbage, which by the way is a lot grosser when your stoned thanif you were high
  14. I was at my friends house smoking a bong of this brown weed, but it was all we had at the time and desperate times call for desperate measures. Well after he took his hit he placed it on the table but he didnt clear it and ther ewas some smoke just chillen in there, a few minutes later i picked it up without looking and hit it and swallowed some nasty stale smoke.

    Started to feel like shit and i got pissed cus i knew it was the bud, he gave mip and said it was kush and i laughed at him and just left to go to my other friends house who always has at least good mids.

    Me and the good bud friend go out for a bluntride. before we even get it lit i have him pull over and i puke exactly once, washed my mouth out with some listerine and i was good to go.
  15. Some very weird (and kinda disgusting) storys here.

    i should add i have thrown up sooooooooooooooooo many times from drinking to much. absinthe had me swaying above my dustbin for half an hour at 4 AM because i was to drunk to find the bathroom.
  16. coming off of a 2.5 month probation i ripped a gram straight to my head of dankness and after feeling amazing for about 40 minutes was just sick for another 30 minutes
  17. uh..yup. glad it doesnt happen anymore, because it got to be quite embarrassing.
  18. when i was a beginner i thought i was going to throw up cause i smoked too much. i just chilled in a tub or something, i dunno, anyway i felt better after just chillin.
  19. o yea i also spewed from smoking shwaggy weed once... an hour into the high I just had the grosse shwaggy taste in my mouth and made me spew...

    Now whenever i think of that shwagg i had i feel like yakking
  20. Happened to me once, but I think it was more of the mix with Pabst Blue Ribbon that did me in...

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