Ever thought about having too much weed?

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  1. So, I had a laugh to myself tonight thinking about how much weed I had. I have harvested only 2 plants ever, 1 at a time, and currently have about 5 ounces available to smoke. I laughed because I thought it was funny to reach a point at which I have so much weed I don't care about throwing any away. Seriously, 5 ounces would easily be enough to last me a year. I have lived my life buying eighths or quarters and saving every piece of green I could salvage. Now, if I sprinkle some shake on the counter around the bowl, I just brush it away instead of trying to save it. Some people on here grow dozens of plants at a time or harvest pounds, but I just grow for myself and it is pretty cool how so little can go so far.

  2. It even less important when you grow and don't get high. A few weeks back I wash thinking of taking a quarter pound of bud and making a little hash. just because I was sick of looking at it and had plenty more.
  3. It is an amazing feeling to take your self our of the 50$ a bag rat race!
    congrats on getting sufficient :metal:
    Though yes I have thought/ experienced about having too much...
    .when planting outdoor you plant 1 for the thief, 1 for the critters and 1 for you.
    and if the critters or the thief misses the mark you getting a closet full of mason jars not a shelf!
    then you start making hash oils and pans of brownies and tap out the bowl early, or you can really refine your teck with your excess material.
    none the less I had a good chuckle reading your topic line!
  4. I can relate and did exactly that last week!
  5. If everyone could feel the emotion we are all relating too I think stock in hydro supplies would skyrocket as there are so many people who don't realize that if you are growing for personal use you can be a snoop dogg impersonator for next to nothing and never have to fatten someone else wallet or stress over going dry. I have 8 oz curing right now from my first harvest and I get the biggest shit eatting grin every time I take the jars out to burp them, seeing all that bud and it's paid for and it's all mine!!!
  6. Its definetly cool. No such thing as too much weed though. I usually end up sharing with freinds.
  7. Coming up on my first harvest of 11 plants. Hope I get this feeling
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    I had too much weed i tryed to give a whole plant dryed to my friend if they trim it themself, they so said they got enough. End up throwing it in the trash
  9. @[member="snoopdog6502"] do you not smoke ?

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