Ever thought about getting a scientific bubbler? You should!

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  1. Sold my daily driver of over a year yesterday and today I got my bubbler in the mail. It is my first scientific bubbler and it is sick! I just ripped the first couple bowls off it on my back porch. So mother fucking smooth. I cant even tell you. I had a diffused straight tube with an inline ash catcher before and this shit is twice as smooth! Heres a picture of it.

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    Oh yeah I also just copped a 1/2 ounce. and some hats.

  2. Everything you have goin there is perfect, from the bubbler to the hats. Congrats man
  3. Thanks man! Fucking love this setup. The hats are from grassroots, one was a contest winner, and the galaxy hat is a subliminal tactix grassroots collab. Got myself some nice Christmas presents.
  4. where did you scoop the bubbler from?
  5. Got that same bubbler from Watch Your Head in Providence.

  6. how much you get it for? I'm buying a bub tomm!
  7. I got a slightly larger version for 170. A little pricy but I really like the piece.
  8. Awesome bubbler, OP.

    I have a Luke Wilson (Leisure) 15-arm bubbler. Love it!

    The tree perc can be a bitch to clean though, but the flavor/smoothness is amazing. I sold my EHLE and showerhead ashcatcher after getting this bubbler because it was just collecting dust in my closet.
  9. looks like a solid pickup, enjoy!
  10. Nice piece AYEE
    Kultures AYYE
    804 baby

  11. Got it from Brothers with Glass.
  12. I love my 2011BC bubbler, so much that i sold my Mobius tube. Ash catchers are w/e

  13. Kultures noooooo. Sorry to be a hater but I've been in there on numerous occasions and the dudes working the counter couldn't name inventory. That should never happen man. And idk that places just gives off a bad vibe. GHG ftw! Everything else is on point tho :)
  14. shout out to 804..went to school @ Henrico for a couple years

  15. Thats sad to here, because the customer service buying online is great. Personal note on my label wishing me good luck with my new glass. Got my package in a couple days but thats because im in Maryland, not far at all from them.

  16. Dude, your full of shit. Stop talking shit and dick riding GHG.
  17. my name isn't tom :confused_2:
  18. Tomm is tomorrow...
  19. hahahahaha

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