Ever Think People Are Lying About Plant Ages?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Shifty007, May 26, 2013.

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    I see pics posted all the time most of them look accurate but sometimes I see plants that people say are like 10 days old and are ridiculously big. In the same soil as mine same lights ect. I see this mainly in autos. Anyone else notice this?
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    unless you keep track meticulously. it can be hard to pinpoint exact day of growth. they could also be referring to when plant started to veg as opposed to when the seed popped. lots of variables. and every plant and grow is different.
  3. Thanks alot man that offers a lot of insight into this for me. When someone says a plant is 10 days I think of that as 10 days since it popped through soil maybe other people count different. I mean I see stuff from my own personal growing that there is no way plants are same age as stated. Autos are often very slow to start. Photos grow much quicker in my experience.
  4. Some people keep a detailed journal for future reference. I post when they sprout, when they flip, when I take clones, when they root, when i switch soils or top-dress, final weight (on the scale), etc etc.
    New guy with <50 posts and no journal, take it with a grain of salt. Somebody who has been around for a while and isn't promoting a product I take it as they present it. It really shouldn't affect you when people do that, unless they're telling you to buy something or do something outrageous like pee on your plants. Outside of that it's just a person making a claim that either can or can't be verified, no big deal.
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    personally I treat and count seedlings differently than clones. There is a 2-3week period as a seedling before they are truly in the vegetative phase. week 1 of vegetative phase starts when lateral growth begins and the growth begins to become more rapid. Clones don't go through this seedling phase and can go right into rapid growth so a 3 week old clone will likely look like a 6 week old plant from seed(3 weeks true veg time). That being said some people are probably not being truthful.
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    I have 6 clones of different strains going now that are all the same ages. My lsd is almost twice the plant my grape ape is; grape ape the next largest. LSD is almost 3 of my banana kush. genetics plays a big role too.
  7. People lying on the internet, never happens.

    I will also say, some people are just better growers. Even given all the same equipment they can just grow bigger better plants. There are so many variables that just using the same pots, lights, soil and nutrients isn't always going to produce similiar results.
  8. If the soil is loose and the roots can grow fast, and everything else is optimal, plants can take off growing amazingly fast. 
  9. Ive noticed that alot too when comparing mine to others.
    Its hard :(  Some are sativa some indica some a blend usually if your just shopping photos it has no real info other than how many days in it is.  As above posters said, alot of people count flowering as their days when posting photos not from seed sprout or veg.
    Also some people may be like me and reveg after flowering.  I am surprised not more do this, its almost impossible to kill the plants and they start at veg fully grown.  (well a 3 foot tall main stem but after 2 weeks it looks like its been in veg for over a month)
  10.  IMO there is more of a possibility for things to go wrong with a reveg. This is why I prefer taking clones. I found that you don't gain enough time to make it worth the trouble. I also prefer to grow a larger number of smaller plants with a short veg because of my finds in bud quality. In a nutshell I produce more of a higher quality product in the same space over a years time with clones.

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