Ever taken a call from your grandmother stoned?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by exonmoble, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. I havn't but i rec i'd be real down buzz lol.
  2. My girlfriend and I have eaten dinner with my grandmother stoned. :p
    I don't think she noticed anything was up.
  3. Grandmothers are hilarious to talk to when stoned, their too innocent to think anything bad!

    (even though grandparents have probably done it all)
  4. I have taken calls from my Grandma stoned, she didn't realise anything was up. She's such a sweet innocent Christian Grandma. But she occasionally gets drunk at weddings and falls over. I also heard that when she took a trip with my Granddad to Amsterdam she bought weed and tried to roll a joint in the bathroom.

    Yeah my Grandma is cool.
  5. Yes i have.
  6. Yeah, and I was drunk at the same time. I was more talkative and kept going off on tangents, but she's too oblivious to know what's up.
  7. My grandma comes over and brings me sandwiches all the time when I'm just baked.
  8. I've taken calls from my grandma under all sorts of odd circumstances :hippie:
  9. ^ I catch your drift, me too. :laughing:
  10. I used to work for my grandma/grandpa stoned off my ass like every day
  11. Sometimes my buddy and I go to his grandparents house and get baked off our asses. The thing is these people are nice as hell so they make us so much munchies!
  12. Yea, I was stoned, she was drunk= str8
  13. Oh hell yeah, I go to her crib stoned as fuck and she's got mad wicked food. When I'm not high I'm always like "Gramma, for the 55th fucking time, please stop trying to offer me food" and when I go there high I just say "I'd love some!" And she loads me up with wicked shit!
  14. There's nothing better than a Grandmother who loves to bake.
  15. Ive talked to all of my relatives stoned on the phone and in RL. Crazy, but usually my old gf's mom used to make me food all the time, she smoked with us! She still does, but its kinda wierd with the ex lmao
  16. Yeah my Great Nana is awesome most respected lady ever and taking a Call from Her Stoned is like a Sin...But whatever.
  17. I can't say I have. Conversations with my grandma always last forever as it is, lol. It'd probably end up being some extensive 4 hour conversation about cooking and ancestry. lol
  18. i call her when im out usually after i smoke a blunt. she calls my house alot, but always when im not home. it pisses my mom off so when im out i call my great grandma just to get her to stop calling for a few days lol..

    makes it easier to sit on the phone and say "yeah" alot. all she does is repeat herself over and over and ask about the weather.
  19. I hate it when my mom calls. I'm always baked outta my mind and forget who I'm talkin to. So I usually end up thinking I'm talking to my fiancé and always say some weird term of endearment like beau or bear.. :facepalm:
  20. weed has become such a daily thing that i dont worry about people noticing im stoned anymore. whats that? my mom will be here in 15 minutes? better pack that bowl quick!

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