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Ever take some time off?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ganjaguy420, Feb 12, 2003.

  1. man, i have made myself take some time off smoking, since i would blaze a couple bowls with my friends and they would be ripped for a couple hours, while i burn off my high in about 45 minutes, so i figured that i am taking a week off smoking, so that i can maybe get back that super high i got when i was a newbie and it lasted forever... god i loved that... i mean i woke up yesterday and the first thing i thought of, even before my eyes were open, was weed and crazy bongs and shit...
    has anyone else taken a bit of time off? and does it actually intensifiy the high?
  2. yes i did, and yes it does :)

  3. Yes I do. Regularly. I think it's vital if you wanna keep yourself in check, prove to others that its not as addictive as they've been told and also just to make getting high thaT little bit cheaper.

    I does work.

    a week may not be enough to make any vast difference... once a year (or two) you could try taking a month away from the herb.

    sounds good in theory, and IS in practice... but only if you're not a medical user and can stay away from other substances you wouldn't be taking if u were smoking. I was T total for a while, until i decided to stop around the festive season... woops
  4. yea mn i hardly ever smoke going on three weeks. i get real high when i do
  5. Yeah I think im gonna take another break here in a little

    while so I can get helllaa blazzzed... :smoking: :smoke:

  6. I have to take a leave every few months for a couple weeks so i can convince MYSELF that i'm not hooked! I think its good for me, gives my body a few days to remember what its like to function outside the mild haze i'm always gladly stuck in.

    But for tonight, no break. skin up and smoke on!
  7. yeah, i really need a break too. my brain is starting to leak out my ears while I sleep i think !!

    hahah, fuck, weed is too sweet though. i should probably just quit the smoking, but both are sooo awesome!!

    ugghhh. my lungs are gonna hate me when Im older. but I really enjoy mortgaging my future.
  8. imagine if we did mushrooms as much as we smoke weed!!!!

    i think after a couple of months a break wouldn't do much... you'd already be beyond the point of no return to sanity.
  9. I always try to not smoke 2 days in a row, to keep some tolerence
  10. HIGH All, it's like getting up in the morning...have to do it...or eating...have to do it...making love...well don't have to do it, but I like to...these are the thing I couldn't live without. Same thing with gives me what I'm looking for...and don't ask what I'm looking for. Make cents
  11. thats something i been trying to make a routine of, smoking less frequently, the high is way more effective, and its more healthy for the lungs. :p

    its kinda tough for me to turn down a session though, but then again if i have to take a drug test ever, i would have no problem keeping the cat in the bag.
  12. I don't care if people think I'm addicted b/c I smoke everyday...I know I'm not ( I quit for 8 months once) I just like who I am when I'm high...I think I make more sense that way
  13. yeah take some time off, like 3 weeks
    even 2... 1 might not be enuff
  14. i havent taken any time off in a looong time........ i cant even remember my last day sober :)

    dont feel too bad, either

  15. that don'tt meke since 2 mee!

    to keep tolerence? surely you mean so you have a LOW tolerence.
  16. it's great takin time off, i do it often, and i find the high i get after a break is really intense....also when i take a break from smokin, i won't drink either... it lets me collect my thoughts, and clear my cloudy head....ahhhh
  17. I like taking breaks. It makes the times when you're high better, I think. It makes you appreciate them more.

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