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ever smoked one of these?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dopyt420, May 10, 2006.

  1. anyone here ever rolled blunts with backwoods cigars??? i love to smoke them regular and i was thinking it would make a nice weed blunt.
  2. ha people around here smoke them hella cuz of this hyphy movement.Macdre made them quite popular, they are savage though. Roll up an eighth, fuck the first time i hit one my head just went straight back against the wall and all i could say was ..."whoa"
  3. I stick to Swisher Minis when I roll a blunt :cool:
  4. yeah im a swisher guy
  5. gross.
  6. From what I hear there pretty nasty
  7. yea man little cigarillos and little jewles roll nice little taters
  8. backwoods get you high as hell but burn a lil harsh, theyr like grimey dutches
  9. RIP Mac Dre.
  10. I dont know how yall could smoke them backwoods there nasty as shit I only smoke phillies and will never stop unless its an icy mint optimo ohhh those joints are good
  11. i got a pack of honey berries for tomorrow, i bought them for my friend whos real good at rolling them :D
  12. i dont really do blunts around here,,,, but them backwoods are some sweet ass cigars.. it should work fine,,, they remind me of what youd see clint eastwood, puffing on in his westerns....:eek:
  13. man whats wrong with a fuckin PHILLY
  14. ..They burn harsh as shit (especially full flavored ones like chocolate) and they burn fast as shit.. dutches burn soo much slower than phillies/white owls.
  15. Icy mint optimos are the shit.
  16. dutches and phillies are my choice
  17. Backwoods aren't exactly my favorite, but they make decent weed blunts. Peach Optimos are the best(IMO).
  18. my favorite blunt would have to be some chrondo in a Cojimar peach or vanilla sugar tipped :smoke:
  19. how the hell do you roll a blunt w/ a swishersweet? those things are fucking tiny.
  20. haha, when i lived in florida i met a black guy i hung out with like, everyday, and he taught me to roll with a backwood, it was pretty cool. they smoke great

    haha havent smoked one since though lol

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