Ever seen "Should I smoke Dope?"

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  1. Well my dad was watching it on BBC america. I watched a little bit and it seems like bullshit of course. it says the normal "oh one joint is as bad as 3 cigarettes" shit, it causes lung damage, this and that. why why why?!?! i mean, then theres this thing where the host does a driving portion under the influence of weed and it just seems so stupid. she was like swerving and hitting the obstacles. people don't drive like that when they're high.

    have you seen this show? i don't know man... i hate stuff like this. heres the show description:

    "Although it's illegal, over 15 million people have tried cannabis. Even politicians admit to having smoked it in their youth. But, in the press, there are more and more frightening stories about the effects of the drug, and there's a growing debate about whether cannabis should be reclassified as a class B drug. Immersive journalist Nicky Taylor is off to Amsterdam to investigate. While there, she helps out in a coffee shop selling cannabis and discovers firsthand how the drug affects daily life. Back in the UK, Nicky finds out about the genetically modified cannabis called "skunk," which is cheap and increasingly sold on the streets.

    Can marijuana make you crazy? Is it worse than alcohol? And is it stronger than it used to be? Nicky takes part in a groundbreaking medical trial to answer these questions. Her month-long experiment is both disturbing and revealing."

    what do you think? just propaganda?

    i forgot to add that when i started watching, the host was stoned and she was supposed to build this cabinet or something, and she didn't make it because i guess they were saying people who are stoned can't get things done.
  2. I saw it. it was bullshit.
  3. Of course it's propaganda.

    I stopped watching specials like that. I'm not much of a hater, and i consider myself a pretty loving, compassionate person; but I HATE people and organizations that deliberately lie and misinform the public to keep them in the dark, all for the sake of protecting their precious fucking status quo. Bastards. May they rot in the deepest corner of hell for trivializing my civil liberties.
  4. yeah...as soon as i watched a couple minutes of it, i looked at my dad and said "oh so this is just another anti-weed thing" he was like "no its facts"

    of course my dad doesnt care about the real facts, and i'm sure most people his age will believe the propaganda these assholes feed them too, so whatever :(
  5. Well she was right, and I quote Bob Marley while saying this...

    "When you smoke the herb it reveals you to yourself."

    She said her experiment was disturbing and revealing. So I put that in my pipe and smoked it.

  6. did it get you high \
  7. As fuck. Haha. It was some dank shit too... :D :smoking:
  8. i've never seen it, but judging by that description it sounds like stinky bullshit. the title is pretty ridiculous too. i guess i just hate the word "dope".

    in ms. taylor's defense, though, i wouldn't want to build a cabinet when i'm stoned. that sounds terrible.
  9. Yeah it always seems like when the word "dope" is used, it's used in a negative context.
  10. It was funny watching her get stoned though...
  11. haha sounds like more government bullshit to me
  12. I saw it on the TV guide, and started yelling at the TV. "POT ISN'T DOPE YOU STUPID MOTHERFUCKERS!!!" :mad: didn't even bother to watch it, the title said everything I needed to know
  13. Anyone who watched this and thought it was bullshit didn't understand it. She even makes a conclusion at the end in which she takes middle-ground on the issue. Just because you don't like what someone else thinks doesn't mean their opinion is bias. She took the time to find out more, and obviously had a rediculously low tolerance that skewed her findings, but it was a decent documentary. I think the fact that it was european is throwing all the flag-waving americans off.

    Also... smoking pot is bad for you. Why can't anyone aknowlege this?

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  15. This show sounds like a pile of shite, though I did see a great one once; this tv programme about cars and so on, its called 5th gear, a bit like top gear but less obnoxious and funny. They had a guy on who was testing to see if he drove better while stoned, it was pretty informative actually, they found that even though his reaction times were down, he drove more carefully while baked as though to compensate. I was impressed by how impartial the people on the show were, it wasn't all "OMG dirty stoner he gonna diieeee" this was not on the BBC though, this was channel 5 i think.

    Also, as a british person, this concept of BBC america confuses me. is it the same as our BBC programmes?
  16. heh of course its bad for you, just like smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol and eating lard and fucking swimming after eating, but none of these things are illegal, and the people who do them aren't made out to be the devil. Microwaves are illegal in Romania, and hydrogenated vegetable oil is illegal in Denmark, the law is entirely subjective and is no clear indication of morality.
    imma go burn my microwave. who's with me?

  17. No...the misleading unsubstantiated claims they made is bad for you...
    Herb does not put holes in your lungs...
    it does not specifically make you a bad driver or unfocused...
    and their process of reasoning was inefficient due to the fact she was not a casual smoker and went to Amsterdam and used high quality cannabis and that changes the whole study...the effects were extreme because she ingested an improper dosage 4 a beginner.
    She also had a preconceived notion of the effects of cannabis, which was bullshit...
    i saw this a minute ago, so i cant remember all the inconsistencies, but i went from laughing to anger, to laughing again to being appalled at the audacity of the mis-truths and "expertise" in the show...

    its 2009 ppl lets evolve, use our brains, and supersede the remedial level the media and society is perpetuating and idolizing. Live 100%, actually know what you believe. understand.:smoke::smoke:
  18. I hate to break it to you man, but smoking causes lung disease. Welcome to 2009.

    It's also safe to conclude that driving under the influence of marijuana is more dangerous than driving sober.

    You need to think for yourself a little more, and listen to others a little less.

    She used all different types of cannabis from different places, spoke to doctors and listened to people of all backrounds before making a reasonable conclusion. What is so wrong with this? Yeah, some people said things you don't agree with, so what? Is that so wrong?

    She accomplished her goal of making an informed decision. Her decision was that marijuana isn't terrible, but the street/illegal aspect of it makes it unappealing. She is allowed to have an opinion. You guys need to relax and smoke a joint ;)

  19. wheres your proof that cannabis only smokers develop lung disease...?
    yea, burned plant matter is not the healthiest method, but mutating cells i think not...

    the people "informing" her were incorrect, and coming from a position of modern medicine which is wary at best of alternative medicine and eastern medicine so that means little to nothing...
    they still have stock in prescribing morphine and valium....
    listening 2 others? wat r u referring to?
    i think...
    actually i know cannabis does impair some peoples thinking...
    becuz like bob marley said herb reveals you to yourself...
    it also does to others...
    like i said its 2009, know what you believe. understand instead of regurgitating sound bytes from a white coat.
  20. I have seen it... It wasn't entirely negative, but I think the negative aspects of it were things that were more specific to how marijuana affected that woman in particular. It fails to show the millions of people who function quite "normally" even while under the influence of cannabis.

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