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Discussion in 'General' started by theflduck, May 28, 2010.

  1. There are so many problems with weed i can't even think of what to write first.

    The "problems" with weed are all the illegal bullshit. I'm sure if we all just smoked up whoever the FU*K is in charge, everybody would change their mind in a split second. Wake up guys, smell the buddah.

    Secondly, everybody loves weed. I'm still a kid (18 to me is still a kid, in the scope of things) but i can honestly say that when i'm high i feel like im a kid reliving my childhood, but i also feel like a typical teenager, driving around at night so stoned that the cars are moving in stop motion. It's dangerous and fun and every night is an adventure. What else does that to you? No "Natural high" bullsh*t that the schools and D.a.r.e try to feed you is anywhere near close. Lies man, all lies.

    Lastly, I started typing and totally forgot that there was a question I wanted to ask.
    Has anybody ever taken shrooms in a natural setting? Forest, outside etc...
    If so, why are trees always the magical item around? They sing and talk and turn into pure magical creatures. Why trees? Is it because they're old and full of wisdom and our bodies subconsiously give them the "wisdom" they seem to represent? I NEVER believed people when they told me shrooms make the trees talk, untill i did them.

    Thanks for listening guys.... Any thoughts?
    Keep tokin bro :smoking:
  2. i revel in my childhood while im a high alot, i loved my childhood
  3. As do I, I tend to have the kind of fun I used to as a kid. Random things attract my interests, cartoons are funny, walks are just as fun, and friends seem to be closer. Like how they were when I was young, when we all held on to our friends because that's all we had.
  4. What makes you think they dont smoke?

    No, not everybody loves weed.
    And if driving high is dangerous for you, do us a favor and quit it.

    Despite my name, Ive never taken shrooms:(
  5. Youre probably right; chances are, they do smoke. But whatever, there are 1001 reasons why it's still illegal and nothing I can say will ever change that.

    Secondly, I don't mind driving stoned, as my only 2 accidents were sober. Like alot of people, I drive much more cautiously to compinsate for the fact that i am impared. It's proven to be safer than driving drunk, so i am content.

    Lastly, try them, if you want. It's all natural and a sure sign of a good time, if you don't have a bad trip. Not a party thing though.
  6. Really theres only one. Money.

    I love driving stoned so I will leave the judgment to you. Just dont risk other lives if you are not sure of your skill

    I will eventually. Set and setting are important and Im waiting for the right time
  7. Typical kid mentality here. Your logic mirrors your wisdom.

    I'm glad YOU feel better that it's slightly "safer than driving drunk", because God knows drunk driving isn't really that bad, right? :rolleyes:

    Seriously man, I'm all for getting lifted and trying to change the laws, but grow up already and stop driving around baked off your ass. From the sounds of it, you can't really drive sober, so I'm supposed to fucking feel better because you're stoned and you (think) you're driving "cautiously"?
  8. Actually it is. It doesnt impair motor coordination like alcohol. Not to say it better though. Driving impaired is driving impaired. It all depends on the driver. IMO someone that new to driving isnt ready.
  9. Well honestly the statistics tip in my favor. Read up on erowid, there is pleanty of articles about driving stoned vs. drunk. I'm not saying it's right, but it's fun. And my accidents didn't even involve other people, one was black ice and the other wasnt really an accident at all, my van got in a ditch. And if my definition of cautiously is slowing to about 5mph below the speed limit, turning down the music, and taking longer roads to pourpsely avoid other cars and people, I really don't see anything bad about that.

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