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Ever pass out taking a hit?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Vicious, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. I had a friend who use to back up couple gram bowls and milk it when I had my bongs and I've seen him pass out twice. Hold, lean foreword, fall face first. I was worried for my bong but I tapped him and he didn't know what happened. Other time was a different session but I didn't know if he was serious or faking it.

    A couple months ago I was at my buddys house smoking some fire kush out of the cano. We filled the bag up and I took the biggest vape hit of my life. My eyes closed and I just blacked out and melted into the recliner. I regained consciousness (from subconsciousness, not non conscious) and didn't even think where I was. It didn't matter, everything was blank. I opened my eyes expecting to be waking up in my bed and was shocked to see the two kids I was smoking with finished the bag. I completely forgot who I was with and all. Couldn't have been more than 30 sec. They just passed the bag and we kept chiefing.
  2. well i've never passed out immediatly after a hit but on this past 420 i had been smoking naturally since like 930am and then at like 10ish that night i hit my boys 6 foot bong and i passed out like 10 mins after... best 420 yet! :smoking:
  3. I never have but ive seen someone...

    On 4/20, my friends kid brother came up to my college to blaze. We went for a burn ride with two nice blunts, i turn to pass it too him and he's passed out in the middle of the back seat, we actually had to wake him up to continue hitting it
  4. I have a couple times... Not from taking a hit, but from my heart condition... The rhythm gets messy and I go down until my BP goes back up, lol. If you ever pass out without the aid of MJ, see a doctor promptly :D
  5. I acctually did about 2 weeks ago, I loaded up a huge hit of kief in my bong and hit it and then stood up while holding the hit and my bong too and I started walking and my vision started fading so I put the bong down on the counter and I guess I just fell because I woke up laying on the floor with and I had a huge bump on my head. I've been smoking everyday for 9 months now and have been a smoker for a few years now and never had that happen before.
  6. Bonging in the Rocky Mountains, at very high elevation. Took a big lungful while sitting down, and for some reason, decided to stand up before exhaling. I woke up a minute later with my two friends laughing their asses off. I had been dreaming of riding goats, until I woke up and thought I was in heaven, dead. 8000 ft. will do that to you!
  7. I have once about a half year ago, we started off with 3 blunts, went and had 2 bongs, then 3 fat happy hookas. I took one hit of this bowl, went to the bathroom and passed out on the toilet. When I got home like 20 minutes later i slept for 18 hours.
  8. I'm blacked out twice from bong rips. The most recent time I'd drank about a pitcher of dark beer in 1.5 hours and was pretty wasted. I went to my buddies dorm and we fired up his bong. I felt like I was gonna boot so I head for the bathroom and everything starts looking faint. Next thing I know I am on the floor, looking up at my concerned buddy and a very confused (and hot) neighbor whose door I had fallen into on my way down.

    I felt great after though! I think I just needed a system reboot.
  9. nah im to hardcore :cool: . lol:p , but my mate has a few times, its always after a massive bong and he just turns all pale and sais he is going for some water then 3..2..1..... *ThUmP* he passes out. its not good or funny but you can tell when its gonna happen and its always ok.
  10. ive passed out an hour later after taking a hit haha

    never right after - Ive puked right after taking a hit thats about it
  11. yeah, i've stoner passed out on a couple occasions, but never right after.
  12. I know two people that have passed out from smoking. One was standing in the woods and she took a hit passed it, then staggered around a bit before falling onto the ground. Another friend of mine was smoking hookah with weeds while sitting down, then she stood up all of the sudden, then feel asleep against a pole and fell over backwards hitting her head.
  13. I have only seen one person pass out and I think that was from lack of oxygen.

    We were hotboxing a extended cab truck, had two double deckers goin around, and we had a homemade grav-o made out of a 5 gallon bucket and one of those big Hawaiian Punch jugs.

    My buddy cleared it and just slumped against the door, his eyes were closed, he couldn't hear us and we just lightly coughing the whole time.
  14. i never have but i've seen it happen a couple times and for me its a big buzz kill cause i get scared when shit like that happens
  15. Last night my friend who has been smoking daily for 13 years were taking knife hits of some hash made from OG Kush. I watched him go to the floor after getting so light-headed from a knife. I had to grab onto the wall a few times to save my balance. We then made some CannaFudge... it was a good night.
  16. anyone every tried zeroing hits from a bong (ie clearing a bong rip and holding all the smoke for so long that when you exhale there's no smoke)? After one of those I have definitely passed out....
  17. I do that quite often... I always hold my smoke in for at least 7-10 seconds, until I get light-headed feeling.
  18. im not entirely sure if i did or not. i took a huge bong rip while i was on my friends back patio, then i passed the bong to him, then my head went backwards and i closed my eyes. I could tell that it was the biggest rip in my life, and it only seemed like a couple seconds before the bong was passed back to me and there were 3 other guys that supposedly hit it before me lol. I dont know if i was just really fucked up from the hit or if i passed out :confused:
  19. No.

    ... but I have gotten into what I like to call "the zone" while taking a hit.

    Actually, holding it in. You get like colorful tv fuzz (visually), it feels like you're about to lose conciousness and it's like your body is floating in space. It only lasts a little bit and quickly fades into a powerful high. Only really good good bud does it to me.

    Everyone I know calls it "ghosting." In context, "I just ghosted my hit."
  20. **Thank god I've never passed out while taking a hit off anything, but I've come close [like shit in my field of vision starts to stretch out and I get an immense amount of pressure in my head then I just slowly get up, take a sip of something and walk around, usually helps]

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