ever mix tobacco/weed in a bong?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by phantomxrider, Jan 16, 2010.

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  2. Wow that's interesting. I've tried it and it gave me a buzz I didn't like.

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  3. Your bud must be full of impurities, do a water cure and let it dry, then smoke up.

    Ashes should turn out white and the smoke should be smooth, the bud should burn eavenly and as easily as tobacco
  4. No, never in a bong. I've done it in joints, though, we make spliffs.
  5. I used to smoke with spin when I smoked cigarettes. I quit cigarettes about 2 months ago and took a 4 month T break too.

    Smoked up last weekend and smoked straight green and holy fuck did I cough up a lung. Felt like my lungs were closing and had a constant tickle in my throat. Went to my friends house that had his chop spun and it was so much smoother with tobacco. Weird.

    I'm still going to persevere and smoke without tobacco and hopefully I'll get used to it.
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  6. I've smoked a lot of buds & i can't say i've noticed any impurities..
    Chop the bud to dust, add 40% tobacco chopped to dust > mix
    = more bongs for all :)

    I hope to quit tobacco soon although considering the health risk at hand. not good, stick to full green unless you're an australian bandit
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  7. Where in aus are you? Half the stuff u said sounds like high school kids.
    1:50 been the buggest!
    its harder to fin someone who smokes spun thease days,
    And u dont chop buds to a dust anyway(im assume u use scissors) get a grinder.
    Mixing baccy with bud givs u more of a head affect, ive recently quit ciggys for a health reason.. I used to spin, and since i stoped ive, i dont get no where near as headfkt as i do when i smoke with tabaco , last night i couldn't sleep so i tried a spin cone with the same weed i had been smoking all week (sour d my dealers usually no the names of the strains unless its unknown seed orgianly) and it put me on my hole like a tolerance break would,

    And for the metal cone pieces i can rip a bud through em unchopped... As stated in a nother post its ya flowers man not the cone piece

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  8. *Original question*


    :GettingStoned: One must never mix the smokes.
  9. Why are blunts so popular in the states then? Correct me of in wrong but a blunt rap is a tobacco leaf yeah?

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  10. Tobacco + Weed = A 'moke'. Feels like death, takes a while to get used to. Not worth it imo. Just had a friend who recently had a seizure from the amount of mokes she was taking and then the size of the done that did her in.
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  12. Not all yanks like blunts. :D I've tried them, but they make me cough...
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  13. You guys have no idea saying shit like "In Australia almost everybody mix's there bud with tobacco". Think about how many people in the whole of Australia smoke buds, Estimated to be 750,000 daily smokers.
  14. out've people i know
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  15. Yes, it was gross!
  16. Smoked some weed then friends dared me to take a rip of straight tobacco so I took a hit and halfway through relaxed how ass it was. Exhalded walked to the couch while stumbling and felt like I was drunk with a headache
  17. Everytime i smoke almost every now and then I do just weed but I like the mix helps me relax fast in my opinion

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  18. I never have before, but I've heard of people mixing weed with tobacco and putting it in a hookah, I'm gonna have to try it sometime!!!

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  19. In England we usually just use a tiny bit of rolled up tobacco to plug the hole then we fill up with weed.
    Personally i don't smoke tobacco anymore so i just use a pipe with a gauze and smoke pure weed.

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  20. Yeah man it's called a mook, or the yin and yang, newcomers to nicotine beware,do too big of a rip and you can get a pretty shitty feeling...

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