ever mix tobacco/weed in a bong?

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    i was smoking shake a sec ago, and had trouble keeping the shake from falling down the tube, and i didnt have any pipe screens. so i took some clove cigarette tobacco and put it in the bottom of the bowl to block it. then i piled a shit load of shake on top and smoked it, cashing it in one big hit. that nicotine rush is fucking insane! for a few minutes i thought i was stoned as shit, but then came off the rush and came down to the real high.
  2. Yea, ive done this its really weird when you straight mix weed/tobacco, my friends and I just smoke cigarettes while we smoke because you still get the full hit of green, and can enjoy the tobacco when you want.
  3. I mix pipe tobacco into joints sometimes.

    Every time after me and my friends finish the bowl, while more weeds being broken up and packed we always enjoy a cigarette. Finish the bowl, light the cig, like a tradition. The buzz seems to combine with the high, and smoking a cig when stoned just feels 10X better. Just like sex, food, music all seem even more awesome, dragging on a cig is more pleasurable.
  4. yeah, i know what you guys mean by smoking cigs with a blunt/bong or whatever. but i mean you take such a bigger and more sudden hit with a bong, so the tobacco rush is like, 100x stronger. ha.
  5. Haha my friend took a hit of a half weed half tobacco bowl and had a huge head rush so he decided to load a full bowl of tobacco into his bong and hit that. Turns out its a bad idea haha he was fucked up for about 5 minute thinking he was going to puke and couldn't move off the floor.
  6. yeah but its harsh as hell! Lol great buz tho
  7. I have done it a few times, easiest thing I could find so my herb wouldn't get sucked through. ^_^
  8. All the time. Do it.
  9. I tried it one time at a buddy's house. I don't smoke Cigarettes, so needless to say it fucked me RIGHT up. The head rush was way too heavy, and was not enjoyable at all. I doubt I'll ever do that again.

    If you smoke cigarettes regularly; then go for it - you'll probably love it.
  10. me and my friend use to gravity bong rips of tobacco and get a super strange head rush, actually became addictive at one point haha
  11. LOL me and my friends used to smoke straight tobacco out of his water bong, if you took a few rips you actually feel stoned. Goes away soon though, and nausea sometimes hits quite hard.
  12. Where I come from almost everybody uses tabacco with there weed (we call it sitch), except for the few of us who smoke straight bud. But i dont smoke cigg's so i rarely use sitch, but half the people i know now cant even smoke just weed, they need the sitch with it or some will actually just be sick. Kinda gay really, i wouldnt do it.
  13. No, ive never done that, i like my bong to only have greens smoked out of it. Ive smoked plenty cigarettes while i was high, but i never mixed it into a bowl.

  14. Yeah, I treat my bong with respect and only put straight bud in there.
  15. I don't do it out of a bong or pipe that I actually care about, but If I'm bored and I make something home-made that isn't as awesome as I expected, I'll mix the two
  16. Man where i come from its called poppers. You get a straight tube (like a bowl for a bong, but without the actual bowl part, just the down stem) that is the size of a cigarrette, cut off how over many rings of the cigarette you want (rings in the paper), put it in the piece then press the end of that into some shake or chopped up trees and just rip the hell out of it.

    just putting tobacco in the bottom of the bowl with weed on top is called yachts here.
  17. well not in a bong, but if you roll in a little tobacco in a J. it'll smoke a lot better. Marijuana itself doesn't burn as fluently as tobacco, and it can give it a pretty great taste:smoking:
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  18. well i've to mix tobacco always in. No matter is its a nice joint, blunt or bong cause i'm from germany and guys from europe always mix it up. well i get high everytime and safe some weed for the next joint through the tobacco
  19. well since it's straight tobacco with no filter, it's gonna be a lot worse on your lungs. But other than that I can see how it might be a good idea, although I've never tried it.
  20. You from Ontario? I swear everyone around here is crazy for poppers and yottas all the time. I don't mind them but I have to be in the mood for them; usually I just prefer regular bong hits with only bud.

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