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Ever made joint hash noodles???

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Hali Hostility, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Dont know if youve ever tried it or heard of it BUT i found the best way to put hash into your joint without it running or being unevenly distributed, use some of your more sticky or squishy hash [half-melts my favorite] and take a nice chunk and roll it into a thin noodle [like how you used to do with play-do:] ] and then just roll it into the CENTER of your joint [ i like using a blunt roller, joint rollers are to tiny...] if your really good at rolling just do it by hand but its not as easy to keep it in the center..
    and BOOM no runs or surprising hash lung rapes. its GREAT give it a try:] and then ive also made a spiral with the hash noodle and placed it on top of a bowl and it melts over it nicely, not just a big firey ball in the middle of your bowl:]
  2. This is called a snake in the grass works well with oil too
  3. great method. i usually stick to glass when dealing with hash and concentrates
  4. I love this method. Gives my J's a nice long, even burn. I just don't get hash, let alone good hash, often enough to do it.
  5. DAMN IT!!!! I thought I invented it:[
    I dont special anymore D:
  6. Im trying to have some weed spaghetti

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