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  1. Have you ever heard of a plant growing out of a plant. I have a bag seed I grew and just looked at it to find a bunch of non weed looking leaves ha e grown out of the top. Ever hears of this. If I figure out how to post a pic from my phone, I will. If you want to see pic. Send me an email. I will gladly send it for some info.
  2. Are you sure its a cannabis plant ? lol
  3. I think pics will help although I dont this its likely for a plant to grow out of another plant like this. Probably just some deformity.
  4. If it's flowering and it's close to being finished, or alternately if it has been abused or has had light-cycle/exposure issues
    (starting to re-veg etc.), you'll find sometimes 'normal looking', sometimes 'warped looking' single-bladed leaves rather
    than the traditional looking multi-bladed 'pot leaf'.

    Does that sound about right?

    For instance, here are a few of my old revegging Red Crown Widow plants, just starting to come out of flower...



    And a slightly larger plant, further into the re-veg (Sour Haze, I believe..), with a few smaller, rounded leaves, single blades
    and tri-blades, leftover near the bottom.


  5. Awesome looking plants mate , what purple strain is that? Back on topic, ive seen single bladed leaves in flowering alot
  6. Thank you bad kitty. Can this be salavaged? I am just learning and will to e up on this if its a lost cause. Will do my best to post pics tom
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    Here is a pic. this was grown from an old bag seed by a friend. he gave to me no nutrients other then a little fruit and veggie fert from the hardware store. i have never grown but since recieving this have decided to try this one as an experiment but will likely make a real go of a few plants after I see what happens with this one. any suggestions on salvaging this plant would be mucho appreciado.

    to what bad kitty said, the 1st night I got it, it was dropping so I watered it and left it on my stove under the range lights. that may have caused the issue since it was outside before that getting natural light cycle. its now once again inside and under 24 hr lighting. since I got it and have done a tremendous amount of reading I would have done things differently but to late f0r this plant. figuring to keep it under 24 light for another 3 weeks and then move to 12hr light to see if it will bud.

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  8. It's being choked out majorly. Trim some of the excess branches at the bottom, and one or two just short of the top. A lot of people would advise against it cause they flip a bitch about how much they're going to yield, but if you want this one to grow that's what you're going to need to do. And it looks like you've got an insect/nutrient problem...
  9. Btw BadKitty, that Red Crown looks FUCKING AMAZING.
  10. this is a really stuid question but... how do u get the signature at the bottom of your comments? lol tried looking everywhere...

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