ever heard of D-Line AKA Chocolope???

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by arends609, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. HI guys,
    my bro just brought some seeds from DNA Genetics Amserdam for me.
    It's D-Line AKA Chocolope.
    It's about 2-3 weeks into flowering now.
    The pics are below.
  2. what do you guys think???
    this is my second grow
  3. Looks good, keep it up, keep an eye on the tips of those leaves near the buds that are starting to yellow. You using ferts during bud?
  4. what happens to the tips turning yellow near the bud? will it hurt it?
    I am only giving it Canna pk 13-14
  5. It just shows that it's not getting the full nutes it needs, I understand some of the lower fan leaves turning yellow, but those single leaves up in the buds should stay green. I would think that 13 phosforus seems a little low, but that's something I'm not DEFINITE on. If it were me, I'd just keep an eye on things for now and keep doing what your doing. But make sure it doesn't get worse, right now it's not bad. Just something to keep an eye on. The buds look great.
  6. look great from here keep it up
  7. thanks guys!
    appreciate it!
    Where I live they don't have that much of a choice for nutes, wich is why i bought the Canna pk 13 14.
  8. How much longer do you think you'll let them bud? That's pretty good for only a couple weeks in.
  9. Okay first you say that your brother just brought or bought (not sure if that was a typo) the seeds and then you say it's 2-3 weeks into flowering. It's either 2 or 3. Last I don't think you could have that much bud growth in two weeks, maybe, but I doubt it:confused:. You sure you didn't get those pics of the ole intranet?

    If I'm wrong sorry for jumpin on your back, just sounds kinda fishy to me...:smoking:...haha
  10. hehehe i feel you...I got the seeds like 1 month and a half ago
    They really only have about 2 to 3 weeks of flowering.
    It sas on the pak that these seeds will take 9 to 10 weeks.
    I'm already at week 7 and a half 8? somn like that...
    what yall think? should a do somn different?
  11. looks awesome man keep it up

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