Ever Hear of SMALL Grow Busts?

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by prescott44, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. Occasionally, I search on google for news of marijuana grow busts and read up on details such as how growers are discovered, how many plants were seized, estimated street value, etc. However, I'm always reading about grow ops getting busted with like 30 or 40 plants and sometimes even more then that. The smallest bust I recall reading about was maybe 10 or 12 plants.

    Obviously, the bigger the grow, the riskier it is and therefore cops find it easier to catch those guys but what about small growers like myself? How often do any of you all hear about someone getting busted with one or two plants?

    Off topic question now. Would the cops slap me an intent to distribute or sell charge if I were busted with just one plant? I don't have any intent to sell as my activities are just for personal consumption but would that even matter in my defense?
  2. I would doubt that. Unless you were doing something stupid and carrying your plant around town, which I doubt you do lol.iv never heard of just one plant being seized. I live in a pretty relaxed state

    Just out of curiousity. I checked out your setup for your first grow, and it was really sweet. Does it keep the smell contained well? Reason being, I am interested in a small setup like yourself and I live in a small house. Its my own, but people are over alot so I even gotta keep weed airtight when I know people are coming over.

    How much did your grow yield?

    Sorry for all the questions Haha. I know you can probably answer mine better than I can answer yours.
  3. Actually, I remember hearing about a bust in like 2006. the pigs raided the wrong house number.. and the charges still somehow stuck. It was fucked up.
  4. Small busts aren't going to make the paper.

  5. Wow, thats bullshit. My younger brother smokes weed and though he's becoming a cop, he plans on being one of those cops that aren't going to go out of their way to be an asshole about weed.

  6. It's no problem to answer a few Q's.

    Smell: Because I had an early harvest, she never got to smelling real bad but when a smell did develop, I would take a big heavy comforter and lay it across the door crack to the closet to contain the smell. Of course, all my clothes in there reeked of weed afterwards but you wouldn't get a smell unless you opened the door and even then, I would do the same thing with the comforter on the main bedroom door so the smell would stay in my room and not travel (not that my roommate cared)

    Yield: Super tiny yield, got about a quarter oz (dry weight) but I never actually weighed her. However,every bowl I smoked of her was amazing.

    There should be more in that grow journal about my methods and you can follow my progress in my current grow as well.
  7. I've heard of felony distribution for an ounce, it all depends on where one lives and how busy their police force is. In a small town one is more likely to be harassed than in an urban area, there's just larger priorities in cities.
  8. Happens all the time.

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