Ever have to stop smoking ?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Spaceman8, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Like for things such as family or religious commitments?
  2. Right now I am working on it V it is blowing so far:rolleyes::eek::rolleyes:
  3. lol i know bro no smoking for a month and its only the second day
  4. why arent you smoking, if you dont mind me asking?
  5. I'm muslim and its ramadan right now so just having a little t-break and i got busted by my dad on friday so yeah man
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    Day 2 or 3?
  7. no, but i stop smoking for 5 mins everytime i jack off.
  8. i havent smoked in 60 days

    no car, no money, no dealer, no friends, crazy parents makes it tough right now for me
  9. Spending the next year abroad won't be able to blaze for a year...not excited about that to say the least
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    Hahah I'm taking a break for ramdhan too. But I haven't been caught for over a year. Good luck man
  11. I'm currently not smoking, over 30 days in. Its a non-forced personal choice for me and I feel great about it. Sometimes you have to recognize when marijuana can and can't fit into your life, and it got to a point where I no longer thought it would be best for me to keep smoking. The fact that I have no money, no job and will be leaving for college in a month where I need to study hard is helping me stay away from it. Life is all about priorities.
  12. Yeah I stop smoking if I am with my family for extended amounts of time. I just got back from a trip to Europe. No weed for a couple days but I asked around. Smoked a couple hits of a roach with some random on the street, got a bit of a buzz and walked past to cops, hit the bar and picked up a hot blonde.

    Sorry tangent. Yeah occasionally I stop smoking for one reason or another. I sometimes just take t-breaks because I can and I know the high after one is so much better.
  13. I'm currently on a no buying streak till I can get my boy fixed

  14. right now its day three bro

  15. lol thanks man
  16. I'm on a T-break right now, for at least a month to find a new job. It feels like it's been 10+ days.

    F**k!!! It is only day 1. Time goes by Sooo slow
  17. hahahaha.. i dig it!

    im on day 2.

    whoo. :high 5:

    awww u goin leave me hangin? haha
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    High 5!!! If we stick together we can stay clean! Your my sober buddy lol
  19. hahahaha.. fosho bruh.

    dont fail me now!.

    and dont forget to hit up the tbreak support. hah.
  20. I am currently trying to cut back on my consumption levels as i find im spending to much money and starting to disgust my self with the amounts i consume in a day. so far i have failed each and every day. i have a job but am trying to save money for my return back to school but in the last two week my employer has just been fucking me about and just not getting me to work due to a grudge, so even when i have no money its relatively easy for me to still get the sweet succulent herb.

    Ive been smoking for 7 years and been a daily toker for 4. until the last year i have found it easy to go periods of time without getting high and granted if im away on vacation or extended family trips im fine still, but i even try to plan ahead days i know i wont have money to spend on it and plan to do something else more productive ahead of time i fail. when it rolls around to that time i find my self just packing another bowl.

    It`s not so much that i want to quit, i want to cut back from smoking 2-3g a day to even a gram everyday or two so i can function and do something other then sit in front of the tv/computer. half the battle i believe is i rely on smoking when i get frustrated and pissed off, but even still it never used to be to the point where i would be smoking this much a day. any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.

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