Ever had Thoughts of Suicide?

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  1. People are crazy.
  2. i've thought many times to do it man, ive tried before. i made a noose but i couldnt step off man, i was too scared. i said this is the pussy way out, man up. my grandfather had killed himself, he had alcoholism,depression, and cancer in his hands so they were pain all the time, so i understand why he killed himself. but man when you're this age, well alteast mine, life is too good to take your life. look at the light instead of the bliss man. love it instead of hate it. have peace and love man
  3. Well what's the point of living anyway? We're born to wait to die. Is it possible people who commit suicide are smarter than us? I don't want to sound pessimistic and/or suicidal because im the farthest thing from that but honestly think about what you or anyone else does in life and why.

  4. Has it ever been said that a man who throws himself out the window to escape from a fire is guilty of suicide?

    Seriously, who are any of us to judge? It's not up to us to decide how much pain is bearable to someone else...
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    who ever gave you the right to tell someone else that your problems are worse than other people's? Who are you to judge them. the truth is that everybody has problems and they take different levels of severity on different people.

    and to the OP... suicide is the easy way out. Life's about living through all the shitty times to get to the good times. I got myself out of it. If I can, I'm sure that anyone can. One love my brother/sister.
  6. I tried hanging myself a couple years ago but i pussed out
  7. it doesnt matter whats happened to you... its only how you feel about it, how you perceive it.
  8. Never said my problems WERE worse than his. I asked if they ARE worse.

    And I'm not putting him down. I'm trying to show him not everyone lives a happy-go-lucky life. We all got problems and suicide is the cowards way out.

    Someone asked me earlier in this thread what that meant and I believed 5-6 people answered for me. So go read that.
  9. i have, i've thought a lot about it. i tried once but starting bawling when the moment to pull the trigger came. its a lot tougher to do than one might think, because of all the thought a person puts into it. you know part of the reason i didn't? because if i die without any male children, my family name will die. fucking stupid, i know. but that's all it took.

    there isn't much anyone can say to make you stay here with us, but i hope you use whatever courage you have to face yourself in the mirror and not want to see yourself dead and buried.
  10. Brah I think the whole "Please STFU" thing you said was a bit to much, I also interpretted that as "my problems are worst then yours"

    May want to chill on the language a little.
  11. Actually only one person had an answer and i am still waiting for your answer. Not trying to be a dick and force you to but I would like to have an intelligent discussion about it and hear other peoples' opinions.
  12. yea...i'm excited about death.

    but suicide is very selfish. imagine how many people you would affect by killing yourself...
    i realize the thoughts of suicide are immature, but death has always excited me...
  13. if your gonna do it...do it outside so nobody has to clean that shit up.....if its outside the stray neighborhood dogs and cats will take care of all the little particles that go flying after you pull the trigger

  14. I think that is a better way to put it. Suicide isn't 'cowardly' but selfish. But even then some societies and events in history considered suicide to be a positive thing. The Japanese in WWII for instance. Instead of being captured, suicide was the 'honorable' method way out.

  15. Okay then, I can answer.

    I believe its the cowards way out as everyone has problems. Everyone faces the danger and problems head on when one develops enough courage to do so.

    You obviously don't have any courage at all what so ever when you choose to kill your self. Why? Well because you are running from all your problems and choosing not to face them head on because you are scared.

    There are only two things in this world that humans are afraid of naturally.
    Falling and loud noises.
    Everything else is created through our minds.

    When life kicks you and you fall down make sure you land on your back because if you can look up you can get back up.

    Ever head the term "I create it all"? It means no matter what happens to you in life, you create it all! Why? Because whatever situation is thrown at you, you have the ability to react. How you react is entirely up to you thus creating your future.

    You. Create. It. All.

  16. Same here, Suicide is a cowardice act. It might be justifyable if someone is in constant, extreme, physical pain that was incurable by anything. Maybe then. Maybe.

    Anything else is pussy, and means you were too much of a bitch to finish the issues that were placed in front of you.

    To me, life is a gift. When I get near the end, I wanna be able to look back and think "Remember those hurdles I faced?... Well damn, looks like I handled them pretty well." I want to be like the MVP when my game's over.

    Why kill yourself? Because you're afraid to tell your mom how mad she makes you? Does it make you a badass you off yourself when it's in the name of "Take that mom!"? Suicide note? Fuck that. Tell everyone what you'd write. It's better to say something to someone's face - this is a general rule of existance, regardless of whether or not you feel the need to exist anymore.
  17. Nope, never I don't get how people can get that sad...guess they don't smoke enough. As far as I'm concerned when your dead your worm food...I'm in no rush to become worm food. Plus, from my experience people who think about suicide want attention, or pity. I don't like either of those things. I'm still hoping that when death comes for me I realize that highlander is real, and I'm a fucking immortal.
  18. My Grandfather commited suicide because he had undiagnosed Graves Disease. That's one of the reasons I got into medicine, because I could not understand why his doctor had missed something so obvious.
    Graves' disease - MayoClinic.com
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    yeah ive had thoughts of suicide before, when i was going through a rough time in my life. my thoughts were that it would be better to be dead than to feel the pain that i was feeling.

    i only ever thought about it, i never tried anything to kill myself. i wouldnt even know how to do it without it hurting too much, and also i thought that i would fuck it up and become retarded or cause myself some permanent brain damage.
  20. It depends on how you think about it.

    My brother had thoughts about suicide and had to get treatment for it at one point. You know how his mind works? He believes in reincarnation. So, if he kills himself, he truly believes that he will be born again into a new, happier life.

    It's differs from person to person. I don't necessarily believe in reincarnation while he does.

    "If this life sucks, why not have a chance to start a new one?" I guess would sum it all up.

    Not everyone has the same thought process. ;)

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