Ever had Thoughts of Suicide?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Novek, Jan 13, 2010.

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    Alright, Im not thinking of offing myself but today when I was looking at myself in the mirror, I thought to myself that if I had a gun in the house, there's a good chance I would go through with it. I even think about where in my house I would do it.

    Today I even had a suicide note made up in my head of all the thing I'd say to my mom when she found me and all the things I have bottled up inside about her, myself and everyone, things that I can never say verbally to anyone else, things I can only put on paper because when they read it I'd would be long gone.

    But I could never go through with it because of all the hurt the living would still face, then I think of them saying........"well so-by-so wasnt a big deal, he shouldnt of done it or if he only had came and talked to me things would have out different" or just stuff like that.

    guns are bad
  2. If you're even at the point of thinking about suicide, no offense, but you have some imbalance man. It is NOT normal to think about suicide in the way which you're describing. I think that you might need to talk to a professional or something, for your own safety.
  3. Suicide takes balls man, I dont have those kinds of balls
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    Just being an obsessive person, I spent a long time thinking about this. Pretty much every day.

    All I can say is thinking about suicide you aren't really going to figure any answers. No one knows what happens when you die.

    You're better of shifting your attention towards life, it's more satisfying.
  5. I bet everyone has thought about suicide one time or another. Not essentially going through with it and wanting to end it all, but the thoughts of "What would it be like if I wasn't here?", that sort of thing.

    I wouldn't have the balls to take my own life. I don't think I would do it anyway. Of course, there have been times where I thought I was better off dead, but you just have to cool down and realize it's never worth it.
  6. Well put my friend.
  7. Why do you wish you would like to contemplate suicide?

    Is you life worse than....being 160,000 dollars in debt at age 20? Having a car you threw 4000 dollars into impounded a week later and never seen again? Being sued for a car accident when you were 18? Have many tickets and warrants and currently set for trial on 1/14/10? Fired? Unemployed? No money what so ever? Lost all your friends by moving far away? Get into it with some gangsters and now they are looking for you at your school to kill you while your just trying to complete college? Lost your dad?

    If its not worse than that^ please STFU. I have never thought about suicide.
  8. what's a good thought of suicide?
  9. why are you 160 gs in the hole?
  10. Good thought of suicide: ---> "Would I kill myself? No I wouldn't. I actually really like life. I'm going to make the most of it"
  11. i've thought about it plenty.
    i'd never do it though, because i don't have the courage and i care too much about what people would think of me.
    sometimes i really wish i could though.
  12. Just because your life might be worse and that you have never thought about it doesn't mean OP hasn't.

    I don't see how it helps him out when you're comparing your life to his, and telling him to STFU because your life is harder.
  13. I disagree that suicide takes courage.
  14. yeah, i've thought about suicide when i'm in a shithole, but i will never kill myself due to the fact that i know it's not the answer and shit will get better, sooner or later. plus, i think about how my family would feel if i were to die, and all the emotional pain my parents would go through. and who would i leave my mary jane to? :(
  15. Exactly how I would have put it.

  16. Medical bills. :(

    And to the other guy that qouted me- Pretty much. Suicide is the cowards way out. No matter how much you fucking sugar coat it.
  17. I've heard that plenty of times but I do not understand it. How is suicide the cowards way out?
  18. IMO, there's not a situation in most people's lives where the most corageous option they have is to take their own lives.

    It's a harsh way of putting it though.
  19. i disagree suicide is the easy way out. it takes balls to stare your problems in the face and get help

  20. courage is defined as "a quality of spirit that enables you to face danger or pain without showing fear" and i would need that, or else fear would take over and i'd change my mind at the last minute.

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