ever had any life changing moments?

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  1. i'm not talking about something that really inspired you for a few days or a week, but an event that you can honestly say changed the direction of your life.

    just curious
  2. no, have you?
  3. coming out the womb
  4. So far, the biggest one for me has been moving out to California all the way from Ohio, on my own. Been a crazy life change so far. That's really the only one that sticks out in my mind.

    Oh, and tripping for the first time.
  5. first time I smoked bud...seriously

    and also an amazing camping trip in Montana
  6. Feeling high for the first time was pretty life changing. It opened me up and my mind
  7. I've had a near death experience and one ego death experience, I'd say those are always life changing in one way or another.
  8. Being pregnant with my first child and feeling him move for the first time and getting that "maternal instinct" people talk about.
  9. Yes destiny I guess.... Especially VERY recently and even spotting and opening this thread. But than again I am an extremely intelligent,compassionate non-ignorant and open minded individual who does a lot of various drug use.
  10. When I inhaled a massive 60x salvia steam roller hit in the passenger side of my car after I got bored on this 28hr drive and ended up in space afterwards completely forgetting who the people in my car were and where and why I was where I was.
  11. A year ago I was sitting at my computer (much like I am now) really high and I just started thinking about how much I disliked my body and what I needed to do to change it, and I don't know, it felt like a revelation, like something in my mind had switched. I began working on it first thing the next day. Now a year later I am 80 pounds lighter and will be competing in my first bodybuilding show next year at the insistence of one of the personal trainers at my gym. So yeah, that moment was pretty profound. People are always asking me how I did it and I laugh.

    Then, things recently went to hell with this girl I really liked and I was really down about it. So, I got high and just really brainstormed whether or not she was the one and I discovered that I had actually dodged a bullet and someone better would come along later, I just need to be patient and keep my head up. The next morning I was over her, cured. I don't know, weed helps me get into the deep layers of my mind and overlook my petty, impetuous impulses. I see so much more when I am high.

    Those are two life-changing moments right there.
  12. Man I've had several life changing moments. But none of the changes stuck and my life is the same. I am so typical.
  13. Nothing yet.... I'll hold my breath.
  14. My apartment burnt down about six months ago... I still can't recognize all the changes, but I know I'm not the same person I was before.
  15. The skies talked to me and told me the error of my ways


    oh and when I was falsely diagnosed with Colon Cancer when I was 10. That shaped my life in a weird way...
  16. Everyone has life changing moments I think. I'll list some positive ones:

    Quitting my job about 3 weeks ago (I was treated like a slave/dirt)
    Getting my first guitar
    Had a cool dream (ESP)
    Skateboarding with cousin for the first time
  17. The day I decided I hated being fat, so I set a goal to work my ass off and was able to lose 80 lbs in a year.
  18. Anything you do is life changing really. I can't think of anything that directly impacted my life though.
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    Props man. But ive always wondered wat it would be like to be fat lol ive always been underweight and cant gain any weight
  20. Getting bit by a deer tick.
    Getting a DUI.

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