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  1. I almost lost my life about 3 years back in a car accident. I was toking with friends one night and the next morning I was on my way to the water park with my momma and bam... Head on collision with some dumb fuck with 3 kids in the back. I have no memory of any of this only the night of toking with my friends who I hope to never lose. I am thankful the kids and the man walked away with just a few scrapes. I would rather give my life then 3 kids give theirs. Luckily, no one lost anything. anyways I awoke a week later from the crash with no clue as to what happened. I wasn't wearing a seat belt so i flew up hit the glass came back down then went under the dash. My mom had the steering wheel to hold on to so she only shattered her heel and knee. I on the other hand got screwed. I shattered my tailbone, my spine compressed, my left fore arm now has plates, and i suffered from memory loss due to my frontal lobe detaching from the impact. It took a whole year for me to fully recover and it would of never been possibly without SMOKING BUD.

    the experience made me an overall happier person and at 16 i learned the meaning of life and now I am 19 loving every day..bad or good!

    so share your stories guys I am interested in what has brought you to where you are today! :)
  2. Unfortunately the one that stuck with me most is against discussion, as it involved the use of enthogenic fungi.

    EXTREMLY life changing
  3. Was it a positive change at least?
  4. I second wtf on the story but yes it they were indeed all of them.

    Great first post my man or woman.
  5. Very. It wqs likeibeing taken from my body and this world, and forced to look at it from a conpletely nutral and objective point of view.

    Needless to say, a lot of views about myself, fellow man, and reality were altered. I was with a buddy and we both started saying the same stuff at the exact same time. It showed me how similar people think and operate, and thatvi was truly a human being no different than anyone else.

    My ego was obliterated and built back slightly different, slightly more compassionate, slightly more confident, slightly more spiratual, and slightly more discerning. I realize that all humans share the same condition, and emotional rollercoaster.

    The best way I can describe it, is packing an entire lifetime within the confines of 7 hours .

    Now hopefully I dont get infracted lol
  6. ^^^
    I have some, but im waiting until I know im ready ti take the plunge. Id recomend deleting that part though, because you seem like a cool enough blade and I woukdnt wanna see you banned so early lol.
  7. why would i get banned for that. a little confused care to explain?

  8. Technically were only allowed to talk about alcahol tobacco caffiene and weed, anything else and your playing with the mods banhammer lol. Forum rules man :/
  9. When I was about 17 we went with fam to the beach. We were in the water and when the wave comes some of you might know the sand retracts to the sea well I didn't jump in time and snap my knee got dislocated so my foot was up to my chest and couldn't balance my self and couldn't swim. I was being taken out to sea rolling around under the water try to put my head up. Only pop up once and back under I went luckily my sis saw my face and knew I wasnt playing. She tried sreaching for me and caught me intime they pullded me out. I had tore my knee out and fracture my leg. Worst experience ever. If it wasn't for her I would of been lost at sea. Made me really think about my life.
  10. Ive had quite a few..son being born, unmentionables, heart transplant, few near death experiences..would take a book to go through them all
  11. Climbing Mount Fuji.. We hiked at night, it was freezing. At one point hiking up the mountain there was noone in front of me... There was noone behind me.... It was just me. Thousands of feet in the air on a mountain. It was complete darkness only the moon shining.

    It was COMPLETE silence. Psychedelic almost. Never expierenced such emptiness... It felt so peaceful.

    But when I reached the top that was life changing too. I didn't know I had it in me to climb a fucking mountain which was a physical and emotional challenging :hello:
  12. Had perhaps the most important experience of my life last Wednesday in Peru. Unfortunately, I can't exactly tell the story.

    We'll just say I was taught some very tough lessons, and scolded pretty harshly and told to get my crap together from some plants.
  13. Looking later
  14. i never had any life changing experiences but a couple serious learning experiences when i was younger

    got community service for being a fucking idiot. 30 hours for two bowls. and then 30 more hours for getting caught ringing a fucking doorbell (didn't bother doing that). back in the day my friends and i would drink every weekend and smoke every day. popped pills. everything. although we weren't considered really cool in school we partied it up constantly, and without really caring how stupid that was

    ive got into an accident. totalled the jeep my dad gave me. i was too careless on the road and made a left turn in front of another car. it wasnt a serious accident but it could have been much worse. to this day my parents think that it wasn't my fault

    i also got involved with a hit and run moving violation. it was stupid as fuck. panicked. never got caught though

    as far as other significant experiences go, i've been extremely heartbroken, lost a lot of close friends, and gone through a lot of social/emotional turmoil i guess you can say. i was extremely depressed when i started college too

    im fine now, life is alright, but could be better
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    One time I bought mushrooms from walmart and after i ate them it completely changed my life. I honestly have never been the same since... The funny part is at the time I was tripping it was the worst time of my life. Why? because it showed me to me. It showed me that I was a lazy, unmotivated person who spent all his time in his little room playing video games or on the computer, getting stoned everyday, couldn't keep a job, hadn't graduated highschool etc. It showed me everything I was ignoring in my life. I basically wrote everything down and went to work on fixing up my life. I'm still amazed by how much I have changed since then. I recommend everyone who hasn't experienced it to buy mushrooms from walmart just make sure you can handle it.

    Reading books also changed my life. I'm surprised by the amount of people who don't have library cards. You have the knowledge of the whole world at your hands for free. Learn anything you want for free!

    Oh and Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy etc. Listening to these people have changed my life.

    Seriously, watch every video you can with these people speaking they're all GOLD MINES you will never think the same way.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uv5GKJpblRE]Jim Rohn Best Life Ever part 1 of 4 - YouTube[/ame]
  16. Heart transplant? Dang... Glad to hear you're still kickin though!

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