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Ever had a dream that wasnt a dream?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by nugulet_777, May 17, 2006.

  1. So last saturday night I got pretty ripped and then I got pretty wasted off some Bacardi. I went to bed pretty late and had some fucked up dreams. In one dream I puked so much it was horrible I just kept puking in a huge pile. Then I woke up the next morning went to work with a terrible hangover and went through the whole day. Im about ready to get into bed so im re-making it and I see this HUGE pile of puke sitting on my cement floor.It sucked to clean scince all I could find was napkins.Anyone else ever had a similar experience?
  2. im actually the oppisite, i have dreams that i think are real. this only happens if smoke like an 1/8 and get wasted. i once thought my friend was in my room so while the pillow is covering my eyes. i start to try and shake his hand but then i realize it was only air

    another time i thought this really hot bitch from school was in my room, the next day i was asking her what she was doing in my room, she started freaking out
  3. well you were probably half asleep... I had a simlar experience of puking while I was asllep though I wasn't aware of it 'till I woke up. It's actually dangerous as u could choke on your vomit. I also remember having alcohol poisening as a result of that night of fun. I was my first time drinking and I finished half a bottle of vodka all by myself. Freshman year in college....
  4. Sometimes when i smoke at night before i go to sleep, i like to get real blasted so i can just sit back and relax, but sometimes i space out, and then ill think one of my friends is next to me and im like yo...and then i relize, he wasnt there, and im like shit...that was weird.

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