ever gotten your stash taken by your folks??

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    well 2day ive been checking allllll over my house for my stashbox and i seriously cant find it. i got into a predicament with my mom and she took my stashbox while i was at skool a week ago. she know's i smoke and she hates it. shes an old fashion Mexican woman so any latinos out there know wut i mean wen i say she hates the stuff. she thinks im some sort of junkie and shes VERY ignorant about Marijuana. i had a bong, 2 pipes, bags, lighters, a mini hookah, i had at least 300 dollars worth of stuff in there, thank god i kept all my weed somewhere else if not i wouldve really been screwed. they all fit into a small box ( i was in hiding so all the stuff i had was miniature) and i just felt like asking if any1 else has gotten their stuff taken by their folks and if they got it back or not. ive checked all of my house and i cant find it. its really depressing for me 2 not have my stuff. :(


  2. I have never let my parents find my stash so no. But I would like to say that the quote in your signature is now on my facebook page as my favorite quote of all time...
  3. my mom has found my stash plenty of times. she just leaves it where it is and just says stop smoking in a cheery voice.... i was actually smoking a blunt just now and she came home from work early and she didnt even say shit about the smell haha i love her
  4. lol thats funny and it is a super cool quote. i have it on my myspace and i used 2 have it on my desktop to help me through bad times. STONER PRIDE!
  5. ur lucky. but my mom took my shit because she thot it would make me stop smoking. ive gone a week without my bong or my bowl and ive been smoking every day since. all she did was improve my rolling skill by taking away my stuff and now i gotta relly on papers and blunts. its been good tho i can proudly say i rolled the perfect joint a few days ago. fucking doooooope :smoking:
  6. papers and blunts are better in my eyes, i mean dont get me wrong ripping a sick ROOR is awesome, but blunts and papers are much easier to hide and not get caught having, plus its better to be good at rolling now then suck when u need to :) happy toking
  7. My mom has found my stash and taken it a couple of times. She took about 3 bowls, bubbler grinder and a g. Never got any of it back except one of the bowls and the g which i found the next day after some serious searching. I know how you feel man, it sucks.
  8. My mom was for some reason going through my room, she just looked at my stash and didn't say anything about it. It stunk of pot and was full of bowls and shit. She didn't say anything. Then she pulled out a plastic bottle, turned it over and it was a bong. She just sighed and threw it back.
  9. get this shit. my mom was snoopin in my room one day and found just under a gram of some fire bud, my duggout and batty. she took the duggout and batty and later asked me what it was. i told her straight up and asked what she did with my weed. she said she flushed it. i flipped out. i was straight pissed.

    later my dad comes up to me and says "she didnt flush it, she put it in the garbage. wait till she goes to bed and you can go find it" i was like :eek:. my dad doesnt like the fact that i smoke just as much as my mom, but my dad i guess is more rational and dislikes my usage for different reasons. i still have no idea why he told me this. he basically gave me my weed back.

    and i did too. it was in a celophane (sp) so i had no problem diggin in the trash for my herb.
  10. back when my parents were strict about that shit (when i was underage), i never kept pieces. arizona tea cans are good enough bowls, and if you want something more, it takes maybe 10 minutes to make a bong. its like, why spend money on something that will be taken away if its found?
  11. Those pictures are links to you're photobucket account, with your full name. Not necessarily a good idea.

    But yeah, that sucks. Homemades are the way to go in that position.
  12. lol, thanx for the heads up. i will get my shit back idc if i die trying lol. i dont wanna resort 2 homemade stuff yet so ill just keep on rollin.
  13. he prolly smokes himself and doesnt want the wifey knowing

    wow.. could u be more paranoid? seriously? some cops are going to be browsing in here, find his name, go to his house, take him to court on account of him having pictures of paraphernalia? get real.

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