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Ever gotten high with your parents?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Buzz, Jul 8, 2003.


Have you ever gotten high with your parents?

  1. Yes, with Dad

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  2. Mom tokes with me

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  3. Mom or Dad turned me on!

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  4. NO WAY!

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  1. Seems like a number in the city have toked with their parents. Have you? Do your parents know? Do you get high with them regularly?

    I don't think I'd ever get high with my parents. My folks found out about 10 years ago that I got high, but they don't think I toke at all any more. Since I haven't lived at home in many years, its not an issue for me, but I still would like to keep my semi-stealthy tokin to myself and friends in herb.
  2. I started smoking weed with my step-dad...and I smoked a couple of times with my real dad.

    With my mom? Never.
  3. oh how i have tried.

    the years of propaganda have sunk in quite deap though
  4. Not yet, but I've got my mom saying that someday she will.
    I can't wait.

  5. Go for it!
  6. My mom got me started. I can't smoke right now. But when I do, I smoke with her like every other day or every weekend.. or whenever I see her. (I don't live with her..)
  7. Ok so I lied a bit.. I haven't.. but my brother used to smoke with my dad all the time!!
  8. my brother did all the time.
    My dad is a far a Bigger pot head then me, he's been tokin prttey much solid from the age of 14 to now - he's 53
    it's not that he would't with me i mean i dont live in the house any more but we have just had sorta a diffent realionship.
  9. my bro has a few times with my dad, but my dad thinks i quit....ahh no matter, i can smoke with sam, my brother
  10. Haha, when my dad's around we mad sesh like 247, it's wake n' bake and don't fuck up tha rotation. Crazy fat j's, blunts bongs bowls and pipes we hit it up till that o-z is gone. He's supposed to be comin out here this week, hopefully he'll get here soon so we can kick it. I'm gonna have to bust the 5' monster out for my dad and get him put on his ass wit tha quickness. Even the hardcore bonghit'n peeps i bring over turn into lightweights after a few 5' tubes straight to tha head.

    My mom don't toke but if she still did she'd prolly toke a fatty with me or bake some bombass brownies, somehow i couldn't picture my mom like pullin mad 2' bong rips tho.

  11. i've toked with my friends mom. She came down stairs and was like....hmm smells like happy, she goes behind the counter, brings out her pipe, we fill it up and pass it around. Was fun.
  12. I smoke with my Pop. My mom lets me smoke, but she doesn't herself.
  13. i wish i could smoke with my parents. we could solve, and talk about some issues that we have. maybe i wouldn't hate them so much.
  14. It sounds like kids that have divorced parents or more likely to smoke witht them. I could be wrong but I think when you only have to deal with one parent with out the other one bugging you, you can do things different.
  15. My parents wornt divorced.. course my dad didn't decide he wanted to be a dad until we were 11 and 12 and my parents didnt get married until we were 12 and 13 but you know.. they weren't divorced :)

  16. LOL...I can just picture it...sounds like one of my Mom's friends too!
  17. i was 17 when i "officially" smoked up with my dad. mom doesn't toke, but i've smoked around her for just as long.

    i tod my parents the 1st time i toked. like they woulda cared ;)lol.

  18. good luck with that. :)

    it didn't work for me, just eased it off momentarily. we rarely that now and it's the same crap.....sorry,......
  19. that has smoked with mom (but they arent the ones that got me to do it, it was more than a year after a started) .. what an experience, pot she found in my room and claimed to have thrown away, well it was seized in a pill jar. so it cured over the four months she was hiding it away at a friends house and when we blazed that shit we all got so wasted!!!

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