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Ever gotten caught on a blunt cruise?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by automaticlover, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Has anyone here ever got caught specifically for a blunt cruise? Or for something else while taking a b cruise? I've never gotten caught, but I rarely ever do this. I haven't in months. Too paranoid.
  2. im about to go on one... but with a joint as an exception
  3. fun stuff
  4. id rather just get baked and chill, no reason to be driving aimlessly thats just asking for trouble.

    but na never been caught on the ones i have been on lol i know where the safest spots to ride and smoke are so....
  5. I've been pulled over when smoking a J once, but I didn't get in trouble for it. The cops are pretty chill here.

    The funniest time was when I was giving my dealer a ride into town when a bunch of motorcycles got on my ass. I pulled over and let them pass, and a min later there was another one on my ass. This time I just said fuck it and gunned it up the hill instead od pulling over. A few seconds later I saw lights behind me, because it was a fucking motorcycle cop I was racing up the hill. My husband was in the passenger seat and went to stash the half O we just bought under the seat. The cop came up to the window pissed as hell and snapped to my husband "What are you doing son? You hiding stuff under the seat...don't you ever reach under the seat when an officer is coming up to your car." He went off on us, and then he said "You're lucky I'm out of jurisdiction on my way to a court case that I'm already late for. Get out of here and no more speeding." And he let us go. Scared the shit out of us, lol.
  6. i love taking roads. out in the country for sure, bumpin. it is how i got arrested though but it was afterwards when it still reaked. still do it everytime i take a road to austin or just want to drive out in the country
  7. ...Best to be carrying no more than you can eat if need be, 1 or 2 at the most twisted up and a small alligator clip
  8. If I'm driving I'm cautious high so blunt rides go smoothly.. I like hotboxing my car with the system bumpin.
  9. hot box your house with the system bumping > hotboxing car with system bumping :cool::hello:

    but really, bumping loud music is also asking to be pulled over lol, especially anything that sounds close to rap and the cop is white lol
  10. i did that a lot but lately i stopped I just smoke at my pad now, sometimes on my way from work i spark it, rare tho.
  11. lol very true
  12. #13 LCAshin, Aug 11, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 11, 2011
    Honestly the risks outweigh the rewards with cruising so I don't do it any more. Never had any close calls or anything, just realized it wasn't getting arrested over when I can smoke without risk on my property.

    I still drive high a lot - its hard to avoid - but never smoke in it. Shits just too risky

  13. Hahaha i love doin that too man :). Ive never had any problems thankfully.
  14. take only enough you can eat if yrouble arises?
  15. buddy of mine has,
    cops pulled behind him while blazing it.
    smelt it and pulled him over.
    in the end he got a warning but they took his scale, bong, weed, etc.
    hard to believe but they didn't take/find the roach.
    they honestly thought his car ranked just cause all the stuff that was in it.
    will never get it right..
  16. Loud music in a convoy with other homies and cruising till the sun comes up. Been caught once
  17. We usually smoke one blunt, and that ALL you carry, don't hot box, pull over get out of the car and smoke it, get back in and ride around with the sound bumpin...if you do get stopped, nothing in the car, and no smell.
  18. you will need some hand sanitizer and bubble gum for no smell,
    just a heads up..
  19. u not rly blunt riding, but you are being extra safe i guess?

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