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Ever gotten an anxiety attack from smoking pot? Take Magnesium.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RawStoner, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. It's happened to me many times (I have general anxiety) and I know of at least 4 other people off the top of my head (who don't have an anxiety disorder) that have also gotten anxiety attacks. Nothing serious, just that feeling of "impending doom" and "my heart is skipping beats, I think I'm going to die."

    Anyway, I just wanted to highly recommend you consider taking a highly bioavailable Magnesium supplement.

    Magnesium Facts:

    • 0. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and NIH, 68-80% of Americans are deficient in Magnesium. Basically everyone who reads this topic is likely to have magnesium deficiency. Magnesium is by far the most common nutrient deficiency on planet earth. Magnesium is even more difficult to acquire from your diet in 1st world countries (USA, Canada, UK, etc.)
    • 1. Magnesium activates your Parasympathetic Nervous System (Rest & Digest) and inhibits your Sympathetic Nervous System (Fight or Flight.)
    • 2. Magnesium inhibits calcium absorption to a degree. However, magnesium is also necessary for proper calcium absorption (if you want strong bones, you need magnesium to absorb the calcium.) Calcium activates your Fight or Flight response.
    • 2.5 Flouride (the stuff in your drinking water and toothpaste) competes for absorption with Magnesium. There is a total of 0 metabolic reactions in your body that require Flouride. There is absolutely no reason why humans require flouride, be it for dental health or anything else.
    • 3. Magnesium is needed for a properly functioning liver (just because your liver is in fine shape, doesn't mean you're not magnesium-deficient. The human body is amazing at compensating for nutrient deficiencies, for a while until the damage becomes too great and symptoms start showing.)
    • 4. Magnesium is needed to digest any and all Carbohydrates. All Carbohydrates = Sugar.
      Every time you eat anything with carbohydrates, your body must "spend" magnesium. (Think of the type of food you crave when you have munchies. I'm willing to bet many of you aren't guzzling butter and meat, but you're probably reaching for the cookies, pasta, other high-carb food.)
    • 5. Magnesium is extremely difficult to get in your diet because of the way we eat our food and the food we eat. People typically eat:
      -High-Carb foods
      -High-Calcium (dairy)
      both of which deplete magnesium.
    • 6. Plants are good sources of magnesium, however, modern soil is Magnesium-depleted. Plants get their nutrients from soil (obviously.) If there's no magnesium in the soil, the plant will have no magnesium within the cellulose. Chlorophyll (the pigment that makes plants green) has a magnesium molecule in the center.
    • 7. Processing food removes magnesium. Any time you heat food (pasteurization) or run food through factory machines, magnesium is depleted from the food. Some magnesium was inevitably lost between Mother Nature -> Factory -> dinner plate.
    • 8. Most magnesium supplements suck. They're in a form that your body can't absorb and they pass through you in your urine and poop.

    After I started taking magnesium, my anxiety attacks completely stopped. They didn't even just better, they ceased entirely. I take magnesium twice daily, since I'm a daily smoker.

    Many people have experienced relief from anxiety symptoms or anxiety attacks with magnesium supplementation. Even IF you don't get anxiety attacks from smoking pot, it's worth taking a magnesium supplement for the myriad of health benefits. Do your research first before picking any old mag supplement. I can suggest 2 brands, but I won't post them here or mods might think I'm spamming or something. PM me if you wanna know the name.
  2. this thread just tripped me out.

    i'll thinkl about it.
  3. I had a very minor anxiety attack from weed one time. It was after an extensive T-Break, of course I didn't freak out or anything, I just felt a bit more nervous than green ever made me feel before. I just finally understood why people can be that way after a smoke sesh.

    I was actually still recovering from the gunshot wound I received on my chest from the guy who shot me when I was leaving my house. I think it's a bit understandable why I had the slightly nervous reaction I had. The post traumatic stress from having a bullet tear up my internal organs was pretty bad and still is pretty bad.
  4. I had one in August. Thought I was about to die and I didn't smoke for weeks after. I ripped a gram in a grav (first time I've ever ripped a grav). My roommate was moving in that day and I was laying on my bed because I was so high it was t even fun. My roommate comes in and so does his dad whom I didn't know was coming in and I've never met him before. I started freaking out and couldn't speak. The dad was pissed and left and I was stuttering and shaking for hours.
  5. Hope I am not of line asking, but what happened? Doesn't sound fun.
  6. I've had a few anxiety attacks/panic attacks from smoking.

    Eh, shit happens. :confused_2:
  7. Interesting.. Do you have a source for this?

    I'll have to pick up some Mg next time i'm at the vitamin store

  8. It's from a variety of sources. I'll look through my bookmarks and post it here, but this isn't something I learned recently. I've researched the matter extensively a while ago, for the very exact reason that pot was giving me anxiety attacks and I didn't want to quit pot.
  9. I know magnesium works for when I need to ingest a LARGE dosage edible, talking homemade 1000-2500mg depending on what has to get done that day. Magnesium has always been a part of my supplements, if you want magnesium to work more effiecently you should take taurine to increase the absorption of magnesium, and grapefruits cause vitamins and medicine as well as edible's to increase in absorption rate and increased potency.
  10. I'm trying this

    have frequent minor anxiety attacks
  11. Haha, anxiety attacks go so beyond your magnesium level and intake..

    What stoner or herbal enthusiast calls weed pot anyway?
  12. me, what stoner questions the preferred terminology of another blade? lame as fuck bro, lame as fuck

    OP good post +rep cause i get shakey sometimes from smoking pot
  13. Most people that say pot are either older, don't smoke, the news, or the media. I'm not saying there's one terminology for weed, but let's be realistic. Not lame as fuck, just saying how it usually is.

    P.S. - getting shakey from smoking weed isn't just because a low magnesium level..
  14. I've had like 2 anxiety attacks from weed, it sucks so much.
  15. #15 RawStoner, Dec 26, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 26, 2012
    I know dozens of chronic stoners who call weed pot. Not sure where you live that people don't refer to marijuana as pot. Evidently it's the same with FluffyBud.

    Anxiety attacks are not primarily psychological. Psychological issues can come into play, but that's maybe 5% of the total equation.

    You've clearly never had an anxiety attack if you think anxiety = just feeling "shaky."


    I'm sensing a smidgen of hostility from you. Perhaps you should try some Magnesium + more pot to calm down?

    Go for it. I think it could really help you.
  16. Yup. You can also buy Magnesium Taurate, which is Taurine bound to Magnesium. It's a highly bioavailable form that's super good for your liver and not expensive either. If you can afford bud, you can afford a magnesium supplement.

    Citrus fruits like grapefruit are CYP450 group inhibitors, so they can really screw with your liver. If you're on any prescription medication, I wouldn't eat or drink any citrus. Not sure if it would do anything for magnesium, since neither magnesium nor taurine are vitamins. Magnesium is a mineral and taurine is an amino acid.
  17. "Psychological issues can come into play, but that's maybe 5% of the total equation." What a very intelligent, well-sourced, and well-thought-out statement....:confused:

    When did I say feeling shaky was an anxiety attack? I didn't. I told FluffyBud that him feeling shaky (not having an anxiety attack) isn't just from a lack of magnesium.

    This is your first thread, and all you can do is advertise (I mean tell people to PM you for specific brands) for magnesium. Go to ANY store, and they have magnesium vitamins. They're not expensive. There's no hostility, I just don't like to sit around and read bullshitters.

    Did you find those sources in your bookmarks yet (like you said you would) that indicates magnesium deficiency as being the primary cause to panic attacks FROM weed?
  18. magnesium is also essential for muscle growth and skin health. It truly is an essential nutrient.
    I usually take mine with zinc as I know they aid in each others absorbtion.
    It is good to take calcium at a different time of the day; like you said they are symbiotic, but they can all not be absorbed at the same time.
    good post

  19. So your telling me that my daily morning Grapefruit is bad for me??

    I take one 100mg Minocycline everyday. Is that bad to mix with grapefruit??

    Please explain more. Should I be taking magnesium to counteract the "bad stuff" in grapefruit?

    Im confused.
  20. I definitely would not take antibiotics and grapefruit or citrus. Your doctor/derm should have told you that when he/she prescribed it to you.

    The enzyme inhibitors in grapefruit aren't necessarily bad, but they can allow too much of the drug to remain in your body. Your liver destroys the drug so it can do its job and exit the body quickly. Citrus inhibits the liver's ability to "clean up."

    Many people who do recreational drugs will drink grapefruit juice before to get even more fucked up. Less enzymatic activity in liver = get fucked up more.

    I believe everyone on planet Earth should be taking magnesium personally.

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