ever go full circle in your sleeping schedule?

Discussion in 'General' started by Titoelbambino, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. So I'm on a t-break, gotta detox so i can get a job. But since ive been smokin several times a night, lately i havent been gettin to sleep til around 6am, and dont wake up til about 3. I keep stayin up later and later, pushin my sleep schedule further and further back. I was just thinkin, if it keeps going like this, i might end up right back where i started. this ever happen to anyone?
  2. doin it right now. im currently goin to bed aroun 6-7 am. and im stayin up about 20-45 min later each night.
  3. Same schedual here.
  4. Same here but tonight its ending.
  5. night man! :wave:
  6. lol i suppose that's why we're all up at this hour. I have to job hunt at 9am... it's 5 here in VA. i might just all night it, but im actually tired now
  7. i know that feeling tito
  8. i been doing it a lot lately. i'm usually on track for 3-4 days, then i stay up late for some reason (party, night fishing, work) then i'm off track for about a week.

    Its becoming a normal thing.
  9. i woke up at 4:00 am...smoked at around 4:20 :smoke:
    ill probably go to sleep soon.
  10. ugh I'm just about to, its 4:45 in the morning here, tried to get to sleep earlier but just plain couldn't. I hate how long it takes to get back to normal at least I dont work tomorrow
  11. yeah workin third shift at a dennys and hustling will fuck up anyones sleep scheldule!
  12. i currently dont fall asleep till about 4 or 5. but i still wake up at 10.
  13. im thinking about taking a 2+ week t-break. mostly because of money, gotta svae a little you know? Yeah, but my sleeping patterns are gonna be outta wack for a little while.
  14. I reset mine intentionally sometimes. I'll have the same problem you're having but instead of going to sleep at say 6:00 a.m. one day I just stay up until 10:00 p.m. and hop back into the cycle.
  15. Been there, I eventually broke it because I ate a bunch of sleeping pills, drank like 4 beers, and hit the bong 6 some odd times. Needless to say I felt like asshole the next morning. But I broke the cycle.

    Now everyday I get up at 9:27 or so, 3 mins before my alarm. And I crash around 1:30-2:00 everynight.

    Force your mind. Watch a movie and put the movie on repeat, but with the commentary. You will fall asleep quick. I do this everynight, plus it helps me with my movie writing as well.
  16. ah, i just took a nap from 11-3 and i think now i'll be able to hit the sack at a decent hour tonight.
  17. My schedule is always jacked up.

    Most of the time I'm up 24 hours before I can actually fall asleep. Even then I don't know if I'll sleep a couple hours after work in the afternoon/evening, or before I have to wake up in the morning.
  18. I've been on the same thing lately. Go to sleep anywhere from 6am-9am and waking up anywhere from 2-6pm. This morning I actually went for a 4 mile run at 330 because I couldn't sleep. Got done, looked at the clock and turned 4:20 as I was looking at it. Smoked a bowl pack and passed the fuck out.
  19. Props to you, anything over 20 feet is pushing it for me.
  20. Take it from a former insomniac; Its fucking horrible.

    The only way to get yourself out of the cycle is to stay up all day and night and get to bed at a regular time. Drink coffee and eat an adderall in the morning, but you have to fix your sleep schedule.

    My life literally crumbled apart in two or three weeks due to lack of sleep and irregular sleep patterns.

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