Ever Get Your Girl Pregnant Just For The Abortion ?

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    We do, i'll get her preggo just for the rush of killing an unborn fetus oh yeah, sometime's we'll hit each others stomochs whilst we learn about space and evolution.

    Whilst we make children we listen to Satanic heavy metal music, maybe she'll scratch 666 into my back. :devious:

    Also using contraceptions fun toying with life is such a rush, i just feel like GOD you know :devious:

    Maybe we'll do it like they do it on the discovery channel :devious:

    Q. What do an airport and an illegal abortion have in common?

    A. The hanger.

    A fetus wakes up one morning only to realize he's in the process of being aborted. The fetus looks at the doctor and asks, "What the hell are you doing?" The doctor turns to the patient and says, "Don't worry, not all of them are this stupid."

    Girl:did i ever tell you about the worst abortion i ever had?
    Man: no.
    Girl: It was great!

    who's there?
    you'll never know!

    Why did the fetus cross the road?
    Because they moved the dumpster

    A fetus walks into a bar and orders a scotch.
    The bartender says, "how are you going to pay for that?"
    "Hold on. it's coming. " A minute later the fetus's arm arrives with his wallet.

    COME AT ME :devious:

    So high right now :D :smoking:

  2. the fuck?

  3. She thinks it's a great idea :laughing:
  4. Haha reminds me when I began my crack addiction once I read Origin of the Species. I mean Darwin said that we came from monkeys, now I have no choice but to smoke lots and lots of crack.
  5. This guy knows whats up.
  6. I concur. The fuck?
  7. Everybody better fuckin run cause skunkys high again

  8. Haha there's a drunk Indian outside speaking indianglish. I'm also on cloud 10 :smoke:
  9. Fucking awesome OP

  10. I smoke bible paper OH :devious:
  11. this thread.....

    oh man

  12. Not gonna lie, that part turned me on a bit.
  13. Is there an "ignore member" button around here?..*looks
  14. She bites my ankles whilst i eat her feet, i have a big picture of Jesus christ above my bed....I MAKE HIM WATCH :devious:

  15. In user CP i think.
  16. Yo white people crazy as shit

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