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Ever feel like smoking middies instead of killer shit

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by junkheadrev, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. I dont mean because of price,but sometimes if its a weekday i just perfer the nice lighter,less intense high of some middies instead of some dank.

    Especially near the end of the day,just smoke a jay and watch some tv.
    For me midds are just for every day relaxing, and dank is for thinking and trying to discover the mysteries of earth and shit,or for being outdoors.
    What im saying is i usualy dont waste a good as high by just sitting around munching and watching tv.Seems like a waste.

    Plus i dont like getting that middies burnt out feeling when im hiking around.
    Usuallly when i tell my friends this they just tell me im a dumb ass.
    Any one else this way ?
  2. Hmm let me think.. No never
  3. No.

    I never want to smoke middies over bomb ass shit.

    But I do buy middies over bomb ass shit lol.
  4. I dont like dank unless im partying.
  5. No. Not even when I'm broke. I just take a tolerance break so when I get my money up, it hits me nice and hard. :D :wave:
  6. Never always dank, mids are only for joint n blunts if its for my self onlky other then that dank all the way.

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