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ever failed ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by satman, May 15, 2010.

  1. anybody ever failed on quick fix or real powdered urine ?
    can todays lab test detect either one of them ?
  2. They've worked every time Ive used them. Key notes...

    1. Follow the directions
    2. If you're more than 150, use two doses

    They work, but there is a limited time frame, so make sure you read #1 and #3.
  3. wow. dont rely on a product to insure your safety as far as drug tests go. sure take it. do whatever you want. but make sure to do some extra stuff as well. go swimming. go work out. do some running or whatever. never just rely on something else to do the work for you. im not assuming that that is how you are looking at the situation, im just informing you if you havent already given it some thought.

    shit like that fails all the time. there is never any guarantee with things like that.
  4. Are you talking from experience or are you just pulling this out of you (_!_) ?

    80-90% it works IF you follow the instructions. You can't "sweat out" THC like you can alcohol. You have to flush your system. If it's a hair test? You're fucked. Unless you shave your head before the drug test. ;)
  5. Your head and the rest of your body, they can pull hair from anywhere to test.
  6. there are ways to pass a hair follicle test but they are horrible for your scalp, hair and general well being.

    i've never failed while using synthetic urine just follow the directions to the T and you will be fine
  7. I totally agree with you. Everyone is always trying to take the easy way out. A lot of detox drinks fail frequently, and my sister worked in a lab before and says they can do lots of tests like specific gravity to tell if you diluted, and have some other tests designed to weed out masked samples. But, it really depends on the lab your test goes to and the equipment/resources they have. Its a never ending war between companies that test and companies that try to hide
  8. #8 NickC420, May 16, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 16, 2010

    first hand experience and doesnt take a genius to figure out that you cant count on that shit. i thought it was common sense...

    P.S. last time i checked you cant just shave your head and go in expecting to pass a hair follicle test...where do you get your facts? i know that it cant be first hand experience.
  9. How can they hair test you if you don't have any hair?
  10. I dont know about you...but i have hair other places then just my head...

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