Ever eaten Penguin?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Prof ThunderPot, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. Today I had a few hits early in the day--something I don't do very often. Mainly cuz my dad and sister (with whom I live) are still up. I wasn't in the stratosphere, but I could feel it. I was in my trailer when I smoked and came inside. My sister said "Hey!" Startled, I went into the computer room where my dad was also. She told me about her going out and shopping and stuff. Then she said, "I got these new mints--penguin mints they're called." I opened up the tin and ate one quick to cover any foul breath I had. Then out of nowhere I said: "I've eaten penguin before, and this definitely doesn't taste like penguin." She gave me this blank stare. ? ? ? "You've--eaten--penguin?!?!", she said. I couldn't believe she said that. Of course I've never eaten penguin! was the thought that went through my mind. And I told here that. "OHHH! I get it! I thought you were gonna say it tastes like chicken!" I couldn't hold back any more. I went into the bathroom and doubled over in silent laughter.
  2. lol funny stuff i woulda cracked up laughin

    peace and love
  3. lol.. good one..
    *blank stare* "you've eaten penguin???" hahahh
  4. hahahaha, damn, i wish i could see her face when she said that

    edit: mmmm 500th post
  5. penguins are good, the best caffinated mints i know of.
  6. in mexico they have these snack cakes called "Pinguinos".. they're sooooo goooood

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