Ever break something (other than your glass) when high?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by dustyyy, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. I was toking it up last night. Got home later, still really high from smoking dank for the first time. I was messing around on my new Macbook Air I just got for graduation 2 weeks ago. I was sitting up at the end of my bed because it was plugged in nearby. I forgot it was plugged in and grabbed it to lay down. Halfway through my falling back into my bed, the cord runs out of slack, slips out of my hands, hits the edge of my bed, then shits the ground. I stood there in awe for thirty seconds. Finally I picked it up to inspect the damage, and didnt really notice anything. Luckily, I have a warranty and will probably take it up to the Apple Store today to see if there's anything internally wrong.

    So share your story. I've already heard enough stories about broken bongs and pipes, including being at both ends of that.
  2. haha, the cords always out to get u when u least suspect it.
    One time i went over to my friend J's house. We hotboxed his shed then came back inside. After we decided to go to S' house right across the street to play PS3. we get there but only the ps2 is plugged so were trying to play some madden, i think it was. and the controller is tangled so i get up to untangle it to play. I ended up trippin on player 1's wire cuz i didnt notice it, which brought the whole system crashing to the marble floor. I was like :eek: my bAd.
  3. i've only broke something one time, so i was this crazy cereal mix with capt crunch, frosted flakes, and some brown sugar. then for some reason i decided to pick it up lick a cup and it falls face down on the counter i would gladly scoop it back into the bowl but some glass got in it.
  4. Actually yesterday, it was late and I went to hotbox my shed aka.The Barn, and I lit up some candles and shit and smoked a few bowls while videochatting some friends, I get up to leave and the candle goes out so I try to relight it in the dark while carrying all my shit and I drop the lighter top first into the wax :/. So anyways, I yell "godamfuckck" and fucking sock the shit out of the candle, it acually didn't break but the lighter flew out behind some bins. Then I went inside all angry and tried to open up my weed drawer and I pulled to hard and something inside rolled ontop of my lightbulb vape and shattered it all over the place, I was like, fuck this ill fix it tommorow.
  5. I steped on my headphones and broke them I am still really sad because they where the best headphones i have ever had. :(:(
  6. I did, but nothing major... but my brother tossed *unknowingly* a lit roach burned in our plastic trash can in the basement.. we didn't even know until my bro went down to get the rest of the weed but went down and the whole general area of the trash can was on fire... smelled like burning plastic throughout the house as soon as he opened the door downstairs.. The trashcan melted to the ground no lie.
    That sobered me up pretty good since my mom smelt it and was so determined to find it and she did... but she actually believed that my bro was burning a newspaper because he was bored ???

    HAH, smoking for a year and never caught yet.. which is strange because when i'm stoned, IM STONED

  7. I was really drunk and high at a bonfire and I was like dude's check this out, and I intentionally fell through a coffee table. I think my friend still has it on his phone.

    Unintentionally, I have accidentally spilled water in my TV once and it smelled like fucking peanut butter and wouldn't turn on.

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