ever blow your nose so hard..?

Discussion in 'General' started by matt_420, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. do u ever blow your nose so hard that your ears literally start to hurt and you go half deaf for like an hour?
    fuck me. I used a neti pot and pretty much snotted my brains out.

    anyone ever blown your nose this hard?
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  2. I once farted so hard my back popped.
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  3. I had boogers come out of my eyes I blew so hard, few times in fact
    Lol funny shit man.
  5. Your blowin' a bit too hard--------------------------------------- Smoke On! c(o.oc)
    sounds like you might have some sinus problems. Is one of your nostrils blocked for a noticeable amount of time each day?
  7. Sounds like an estachian tube (sp?) problem. Pressure can build up in these tubes that connect your nose to your ears (when your ears pop it is balancing the pressure through these)
  8. I put a pressure washer to my nose but I think a neti pot would have been a better idea.
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  9. Once I coughed so hard I threw up, but mid through up I got a bloody nose, wiped my mouth with my hand and I thought I was throwing up blood. But it was just pizza.
  10. Just the thought of this makes me cringe. I accidentally pressure washed my foot once and the skin was all torn off. It grew back with not a single scar but it stung like a bitch.
  11. FUCKING. HELL. YES! And only when I'm high and use a neti pot! Are we the same person?
  12. dude all you gota do is yawn or like stretch your jaw chey some gum take a shower put water in ur ears n then tilt ur head
  13. anyone ever blown your nose this hard?
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  14. Sneezed so hard I blew my back out for a hole week shit you not
  15. [​IMG]
  16. not DEAF but kinda cant hear. Anyone ever sneeze so hard your upper back hurts? fuckin sucks.
  17. I had once sneezed so hard it caused my nose to bleed.
  18. I had sinus surgery, and they packed my sinuses with the gel shit...a week later I sneezed at dinner.....what looked like a pound of snot and blood went right into my fucking spaghetti...............Dinners over, time to drink! LOL

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