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Ever been so blazed that you "Tebow"?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by jsmoove, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. OK so me and most of my friends are big sports fans and im sure that most of America knows who Tim Tebow is.
    One night I was coming down from being super blazed and it was probley like 3am so i was also really tired. We were all out on the couch watching TV and I (being super tired and not wanting to move) rested my head on my fist like Tebow. (I wasnt Tebowing on purpose. My friend sees me and says something like "dude you're Tebowing" and we all start laughing.
    A few days later my friend got pretty high and was on the couch and he tells me "dude I was just Tebowing and didnt even know until now." So I got a picture of him "Tebowing"
    So now we like to call it Tebowing if someone is either super high or drunk, or both :) and they just sit there resting their head on their fist.
    HAHAHA let me know what you guys think about this.

  2. tebowing is sooo 2011; its all about faith hilling
  3. pretty irrelevant if you're high or drunk... if they're in that position it's called tebowing....
  4. Oh long Johnson

  5. Go on?
  6. I think tebow is higher than you!
  7. nah, i just get so fucked, i start bradying.

  8. HAHA Ive been in the Bradying position a few times just being super drunk and also puking.
  9. when i get there i usually do a full on nosedive into my bed, face first
  10. Tebowing is when you get high with your friends and then start preaching the word to them.

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