Evangelicals go into the Amazon

Discussion in 'General' started by Col. Forbin, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. I just saw on the news that some evangelical group went into the amazon and is trying to convert the natives. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE??? These natives are going to catch all the diseases that we carry and are immune to. Then they are probably going to end up justifying it by saying that they died knowing that the "Lord" loves them. These radicals should be shot on sight.
  2. Lol....imagine if pygmies started running through Mississippi trying to convert all the Christians to their religion...:D
  3. lol, the funny thing is you know the christians would be all up in their faces and be like "this is our religion and you should respect that"

    by the way, i'm not bashing all christians, just the fact that they are known for converting people in... unconventional methods.
  4. Thats okay, I'll bash Christians for you.

    Besides Islam, Christianity is the most pompous religion ever created. Why? Because Christians honestly believe that theirs is the "one true religion" to the absense of all others, and honestly believe they are being good people and doing the right thing when they relentlessly try to indoctrinate people of other faiths into theirs. You don't see Jews, Hindu's, or Buddhists doing this.

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