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    i don't get it, you guys live right next door to each other yet speak totally different languages and shit. :eek:

    what do you think distinguishes each from one another the most? :confused:

    the british and their fags?
    the germans and their engineering?
    the italians and their pasta?
    the french and theeir douchbaguettes...cough cough..errr...baguettes?
    the swiss and their cheese?
    the dutch and their weed?

    whos the most badass? :cool:
  2. I don't see how that's weird
  3. have you been to any of these places?

    The differences are quite obvious once youre there...
  4. It's just slang. Europe is a continent, not a country. Different countries, different slang. There's different slang for cities, too. Some of the shit someone might say in London, England, a person wouldn't understand in the likes of Manchester, England.

    I do not understand how you cannot grasp that. :confused_2:

  5. lol i grasp it pretty well sir, just saying other than the languages what other differences? i don't mean the obvious historical/ethnic differences, i think thats quite apparent in basic level history classes. i mean the culture, the mannerisms, the small things that people can use to tell that you're from the uk, netherlands, german, italian. stuff like that
  6. Just like South America.

    The people look different, talk differently, eat different food, sniff different drugs, fuck differently, joke differently, and just are plain different.
  7. oh dude there is so much different.

    Geographical location plays a role for sure. Spain is strikingly different then germany for example.

    Culturally the differences are vast.
  8. I'm sick of Americans treating Europe like god damn disneyland.
    Yiz come to Ireland on some silly itinerary (Eire one day, Belgium the next ect), knowing very little about the culture of any country, thinking Europe is one big country... not a continent and treating euros (our currency) is like mickey mouse money Some Americans even ask me where should I visit in Denmark.
    Some American gave me a tip in the bar the other night and refers to dollars as 'real money'. Arg. Makes me so mad.
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    I'm sorry twee :( not all americans are like that. Actually when I travel ill go to one country for several weeks and stay there. I just like to sit and watch people, get to know what its like. Were not all jackasses. I promise :)

  10. I read this with a funny little Irish accent in my head. Are you a leprechaun?

    Just kidding.
  11. Well with the way European countries gave/are giving up their sovereignity, those ignorant people might be right. It just seems like the EU is going to become one big superpower/country.

    But I do sympathize with you there about ignorance. I don't know how they think someone in Ireland is an expert on Denmark as if it were a part of Ireland or something.
  12. I here ya man, lots of us north Americans (yes Canadians to) tend to be fairly ignorant towards any foreign culture. ive been lucky enough to do some travelling, but i still catch myself being 'american' (in the general sense) from time to time.

    Fuckin loved visiting ireland though. Great place, with the nicest people on earth (with canadians coming in close second of course ;)).
  13. Ah, ignore me.. I'm just a bit bitter. I'm sure your not all that bad.. but the crowd you send over here is :devious:


    Dublin accent. I suppose it could sound funny enough. Dublin terminology is a lot funnier sounding then the accent itself (to outsiders) haha
  14. Op you ever been to Los Angeles?

    If you drive across the entire metro area you would see a shift in cultural surroundings every 5 miles.

    What made you think such differences are unusual across an entire continent?

    You know borders do more than separate land,they separate people.
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    If it was my choice I wouldn't let them come :) but its not, but there are ignorant people everywhere...honestly our school aren't the best compared to a lot of countries. Maybe that has something to do with it? That and there are a lot of dbags out in this world. I hate dbags ..smh
  16. Europe is Un-American!

    Therefore they must be bombed.:devious:
  17. I don't get how Americans can have 30 different accents, and completely different morals and views of the world, let alone of what being American means, and yet they live only one or two states away from one another.

    See what I did there?
  18. this pretty much sums up how Irish people see Americans;

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phcO1wkDHJs]‪LANGERLAND.TV Episode 6: The Yanks‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
  19. Its the only way to compete on the geopolitical level, individual nation states in Europe can't compete with the sheer difference in population of say the US, or on the other end of the spectrum China or India.

    In order to maintain influence, it has been concluded that we cooperate politically and economically, even militarilly to a certain degree (what with the recent joining of certain sections of the British and French navies) Its not necessarilly popular, but then political decisions often aren't.

    But yeah, Europe is growing closer and closer together, since the advent of the single currency. Could anyone have seen the French, or Germans giving a damn about the recent Greek debt crisis, had their economies not been tied in?
  20. PHHHHH. I'm so pro European but your view sucks. Wouldn't you like to know where to go in the US? After all we are only one country.

    PS. Irelands economy is reliant on the rest of Europe.

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