Euphoric Tokers Outdoor Swamp Grow

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  1. This is my third grow. Coming in late so lets cut to the chase. Germinated back in April. My girls broke ground April 14. Soil is Promix aggregate with some worm castings in there. Using AN nutrients and additives. Supercropped all of my girls last week they didn't really stay horizontal but the internodes were elongated so gave them another squeeze today although the pics were taken before supercropping.
    Strains consist of: Dutch Passion Orange Bud, Paradise Seeds Sensi Star, and CH9 Vantage. Its going to take me a bit to label these pictures so I'll do it later.

  2. nice plants bubba
  3. Great pics Toker, good to see ya around!
    thanks bro
    thanks great to be back
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    Great shots and plants. What kind of bags are you using?
  6. 30 gallon camo grow bags, but im using them as 15 gallon
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    Beautiful job Euphoric Toker. Those are gonna yield massively. Did you start them indoors? I grew the sensi star twice, they're great smoke for sure. I'd like to try Dutch passion seed some time, they're a well reputed Co.  I'll check out the CH9 Vantage, it has a cool name. Your spots look very sunny, exactly what's needed!
  8. Corto it means a lot man. No they were started outside and brought in for nights. I wouldn't be able to use this great spot without your technique.
  9. Wow they're really lush and green for an outdoor start, rock and roll bro!
  10. subbed :) man all you gotta do is look at the structure of those babies to see they are going to grow into monsters! like corto said that spot looks like it gets amazing sun. goodluck through harvest bro
  11. UPDATE
    Hurricane Andrea isn't hitting us, but just skimming us with the edge. Its been raining since last night and is supposed to drag on tonight. I'm hoping for the best. Wish me luck GC
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    shits real gay,looking all good in z hood e.t ...good luck.
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    Whoa ET. these are great looking...and if they are in a swamp and your using Corto swamp technique...that means MONSTERS in the making. Great strain selection too. This ones gonna rock. How many plants ya got?
  14. Looking good man! I like the lush green growth covering those pots up. I bet that helps keep them cool and hidden. Good luck to ya this season!
  15. Stopped posting on GC due to privacy concerns, please understand. However i need verification of pre-flowers to know if I should switch to flowering nutrients. Also voodoo juice instructs to use it the first 2 weeks of flowering, is that when pre-flowers show?
  16. ^Looks like a pistil in that pic but it's too unclear to determine. If that is her first pre-flower then i'm sure she will through more out before any sign of actual flowering. what's your location? Solstice just started so I wouldn't expect to see any sort of crowning untill two weeks or so at least. 
    Love what you got goin this year ET! This is a very good representation of a guerilla grow done right.. everything is looking extremely healthy bro, and the spot looks really nice. Keep rockin bro!
    I hope you stick around though duder, i just got here :/
  17. no pics but I staked them and supercropped again.tiny pistils everywhere. Cant wait to return
  18. You can bend them over (LST) this will lower the height of the plants and increase yield.
  19. Did I mention magic? These guys are almost ready. :hippie:
  20. Just a few pics

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