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  1. Im kind of wondering, the term Euphoria gets thrown around alot. What is the most intense Euphoria you have ever felt?
    Right not for me its what i just snorted.
    I know snorting is bad, but im not dead so w.e
    I insufflated 35-40mg of methlyphenidate (ritalin, concerta...ect) about 20 minutes ago, and am feeling intense euphoria. Its crazy, i have never done a stimulant before. Im a little antsy, and have a wonderfull tingling feeling all over my body. I feel more out of it when i smoke weed, (like sluggish, lazy, hard to think) but im liking this. EVERYTHING is so clear and crisp.The downside (which is why i wont try it again) is i have had a couple heart palptations. Scary shit. Im waiting to see how this pans out, apparently comming down sucks as dopamine is depleted.
    Anyhow, what is the most euphoria you have ever felt?
  2. try some X.

    that will show you some euphoria.
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    I dont want to try X. The only other drugs i would take besides MJ would be prescriptions. at least i know whats in them. Ritalin is very simaler to amphetamines (dexedrine and adderall are), so its pretty euphoric
  4. I only fux wit weed but a couple weekends ago I had a great experience.

    I was at my parents house for the weekend and they left for a few hrs.

    I smoked some bowls outside and started staring at the clouds and nature

    The feelings i had were damn near indescribable, but awesome. It was the closest i have ever been to being fully at peace with everything.
  5. X takes ice cream scoops out of your brain, just get really rich and buy like 50 virgins from india and spend all day in a hot tub sipping martini's and smoking a blunt. Then your whole life will be euphoria, no heart palpatations or expensive drugs involved :)
  6. The problem being "get really rich"
    im sure if you could just "get rich" you proboally would not be on this forum. lol
  7. And why on Earth would you want Indian women. Gross.

    I mean if you are rich then get the good stuff man.
  8. Adderall is bomb.... Shit is hard to come by here but i managed to find about 25 of the instant release (not XR) for not toobad of a price. They're used strictly for school when i dose on it. Never really recreationally. Too rare. They save college students asses on the daily.

    And you'd be suprised on how similar X and adderall are. X is to seratonin as methlyphenidate is to dopamine. exact same onset time and comedown.

    Just take a pill you know is safe if you ever want to know what true Euphoria is... You can tell. Some look like they came straight from the pharmacy, While some pills look like they were pressed by hand in someones bathtub in pittsburgh.

    Oh and Nitrous Oxide Produces some AWESOME euphoria as well... Very safe if done correctly. I reccomend everyone gives these a whirl at least once.
  9. Marijuana can actually produce euphoria. Just not as much as some other drugs can provide. Gotta love good ol' Erowid.
  10. dude. no it doesn't.

    what it does is realease a massive amount of seriton (spelling) in your brain. the chemical that makes you happy.

    now it takes your brain 4-6 weeks to recoup all that lost seriton. so as long as you use control your usage you will be fine. oh, and always find clean rolls!
  11. No rolls are "clean" per sey. If you really want it clean then just buy some mdma.
  12. People who do xtc more than just a few times risk long term depression and other chemical imbalances. Yes it does release seratonin, and when the body gets used to getting artificial seratonin it will, in time, stop producing its own (or at the very least slow it down). The result is permanent depression. Honestly it can fuck you up for life.
  13. Artificial Serotonin? Dude.

    MDMA is not sythetic serotonin. It increases the brains neural activity by sending action potentials to release the body's natural serotonin. The synapses are then flooded with serotonin. :wave:

  14. yea. true, but then again even molly can be cut.

  15. oh, and pwned.

    but i do agree with you indica kid. XTC can and will fuck up your life if you let it. but like i said. if you are only doing it once every couple of months. and your rolls are fairly clean. you will be fine.
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    Unless one of those bitches has an STD in which case many drugs will be involved lol.

    My most amazing euphoria is every single time I have sex with my girl. That and about two years ago when I got high after taking a month tolerance break. Was basically the best feeling I've ever experienced, and was one of the most illuminating and beautiful experience of my life.
  17. My ex rolled her fuckin eyeballs out and shes still fine.

    Shes still a whore, but that has nothing to do with the X.
  18. I sort of understand what he means. Yes it is 100% natural, but it's not "supposed" to be released, there was no "action" which warranted a "reward" per se.

    So technically, it is artificial because it was like entering a cheat on a video game, the goal or task was not earned through effort.

  19. im not saying you cant be fine after rolling your balls off..

    trust me. i rolled everyday for a week straight. and thats when i first tried X.

    and i will never do anything that stuipid again. fcking back felt like a candy cane.

    but now i only roll every two or three months.

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