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  1. Man just learning how even the phone companies will give your information away and not even ask you is disturbing, business has no ethics its all underhanded and i think if some global-scale shit is gonna go down, its gonna be us vs our things, and its gonna be a while till people are willing to wage that ware.

  2. I agree to an extent.
    I know a handful of businessmen and women who maintain their ethics in the workplace.
  3. I think that competition can be a good and bad thing.

    Corporations can now outlive people. They become so big that any new companies starting up in the business have next to no chance of establishing themselves.

    All of the big players are now big enough that they can buy people off and influence policy. It's not that there is a global conspiracy, necessarily, but the market has become so controlled by a few major corporations that it is almost impossible to break their will.

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