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Ethanol Alcohol Extraction Questions.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Anotherlover, Jun 14, 2013.

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    This will be for someone with cancer:
    Please point out all the flaws you notice in the method I plan to use, Very important, for one person.
    I did a test extraction using ISO but as this is for ingestion I am going to use Ethanol instead.
    The ISO came out quite well although I will be using a different teqnique for the ethanol.
    ISO came out dark due to heat and my pulivirising the weed during the extraction process but is extremely potent.
    I also want to make a larger quantity as it will decrease the amount of time it needs to stay in the vacuum chamber.
    The ingridients:
    Around 1/2kg of bud, about 2l of Ethanol Alcohol.
    Bud + alcohol to be "frozen" to -14'c in separate containers.
    Some bud will go into a mason jar (about half full).
    This will be topped up with alcohol to about 1cm above the bud.
    Left to stand for 2 minutes, filter through a reusable coffee filter.
    Bud will be put aside.
    Repeat till bud is all done.
    Filter 3 times through unbleached coffee filters.
    This extract will go straight into (currently unused) flowering room to desiccate (full fans, no lights, 24/7 till evaporated).
    The used bud will then be crushed to a pulp while still wet and topped off with alcohol.
    Given a good shake (15 minutes).
    This will then be filtered, firstly through a reusable coffee filter then 3 times through unbleached coffee filters.
    Extract will be put in a separate pan and left in flowering room to desiccate.
    (waste not, want not).
    48 to 72 hours at 33'c to 43'c extract heat. (so as to save most CBD's/teripines).
    Vacuum purge for 15 minutes motor on, 15 minutes in vacuum motor off while at a temp of 33'c.
    Vacuum will be purged from chamber.
    Repeat 3 to 5 times.

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  2. I thought there were professional caregivers on this site willing to help.
    I'll just post results 3 months down the line as there seems to be nobody here able to assist.
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  3. You need to talk to psychadellicsam. That guy will be able to help you with all of your ethanol extraction questions. He has a thread in incredible edible herb called another tincture thread. From what i see it looks like you got the steps right, im not an expert though i only know a little about ethanol extraction. Sam would be able to help you a lot more than i could just send him a pm.
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    Psychadelic Sam learned the ethyl alcohol transfer and extraction from the CannaPharm sticky, I walked him through it a few times when he first arrived at GC :yay:
    Here's the original tutorial:
    BadKat's Highly Activated & Bioavailable, Med-Grade Cannabis Concentrate (Edible & Smokable recipes included... similar to RSO/Phoenix Tears & BHO, but bioavailable & made with food grade/drinking alcohol)

    -Medical Grade Cannabis Concentrate-


    Each jar and bottle below, along with a few smaller gift bags with caps and chocolates, were given to the local
    patients most in-need
    and those who had suffered the most hardship this year... enough for most to medicate daily, until
    at least spring! <span><span><span>[​IMG]</span></span></span>

    Fast & frozen wash concentrate..
    Smoking/Vaping/Dabbing material
      It's SUPER easy to make a clean, clear concentrate:
     Freeze your materials.
    ALL of them.
    Your container, your plant matter, your alcohol. Do NOT grind the plant matter much, if at all.
     Now, just work fast. Simple as that. :)
     I like to put my plant matter in a large mason jar, freeze everything, then pour my cold alcohol over it, give it a swirl for 5 - 10 seconds, then immediately strain. You can just put cheese cloth over the top, then secure it with a rubber band, you'll be moving the jar as you do it and this will count as your swirling (alternatively, you can add the cheese cloth and rubber band BEFORE adding the alcohol to the container, then pour it through the cheese cloth so you can perform the swirl without rushing). Make sure you've doubled the cloth enough to prevent too many solids from escaping.
     Pour this into a separate container, then immediately pour through a coffee filter.
     As a reminder, Do NOT squeeze when straining! This is why I suggest topping your jar with cheesecloth. When you've poured off all the alcohol, just set the soggy plant matter aside for a second+ run. Your first run or two will be VERY clean if you don't disrupt the plant matter too much. The last run/s will look more like your current photos. :)
     I purge 99.9% of my alcohol off at room temp or below, this preserves more of your aromatic terpenes/enoids.... many of which have anti-tumor/anti-mutagenic/anti-cancer properties, all their own!
     We wouldn't store (or even dry!) flowers at high temps due to degradation, so If I'm not in a rush, I won't use heat at all during the purge and I'll just wait a week before sampling. If I'd like to use it that day or the next, then I just give it a final heat over the heating pad once the plate appears 'dry', or sometimes in the oven, to clear it up and remove the last of the solvent/water faster.
    Now, that's a smoking concentrate. :)
     If you want it bioavailabe for efficient oral consumption, then be sure you just follow the tutorial I gave you above, and keep in mind that it doesn't matter how 'clean and clear' it comes out. The longer the wash and the more you squeeze, the more active components you'll get out in your first run.
    You NEED Coconut Oil in order to facilitate complete absorption!!!
    Without it, much of your valuable medicine simply goes, "in one end, and out the other"!
     Cannabis glandular material is notoriously difficult for the body to absorb, all on its own. When making canna oils and tinctures, we use the edible solvents we do, not just to strip the glandular material from the inert plant matter, but to actually facilitate the absorption of that material!
    Purged Solvent Extraction = Non-Bioavailable Material, but the traditional RSO.
    Canna Oil = Fully Bioavailable RSO/Phoenix Tears, but in a diluted form.
    Edible Hash Oil = Fully Bioavailable RSO/Phoenix Tears, in a concentrated form!
    Edible, bioavailable hash oil, is what you're looking for!
    If video tutorials are more useful for you, here is the World Summit edition of the CannaPharm information....
     You'll be wanting Vol. 1 - & - Vol. 4. , but I'll also include the previews..... the extra time-lapsed footage of little seedlings germinating and growing over the course of a day, obscuring the little GrassCity hello sign in a matter of seconds is pretty neat to watch, too. :D  :yay:
     Both Rick Simpson and I were the headlining 'star speakers' of the Cannabis World Summit, the Summit is an annual, 10-day, free and informative event, available to all members of our community who are interested in cannabis, in its medical applications, and in what the major players in the community are up to. :)
      Nine of the ten days featured three or more speakers for each day, Rick and I were asked to share the Big 4/20 day of the Summit alone due to the volume of content we provided the community, and to our track records with treating and even curing cancer, as well as other illnesses, with our medical oils! My medical oil video tutorials, Rick's interview, and his documentaries can be found on Day 5 / 4-20-2013, along with some bonus footage from Rick. :D
     Here ya go!
     BadKat's CannaPharm : The Cannabis World Summit Edition...
    BadKat's CannaPharm "The Cannabis World Summit Edition, Vol 1: Decarboxylation" by BadKittySmiles

    BadKat's CannaPharm "The Cannabis World Summit Edition, Vol 2: Flowering & Revegetated Clones" by BadKittySmiles

    BadKat's CannaPharm "The Cannabis World Summit Edition, Vol 3: Hash Machine Demo" by BadKittySmiles

    BadKat's CannaPharm "The Cannabis World Summit Edition, Vol 4: Medical Grade Oil" by BadKittySmiles

    BadKat's CannaPharm "The Cannabis World Summit Edition, Vol 5: Powerful Topical Bone Bars" by BadKittySmiles

    BadKittySmiles World Summit Preview.. Medical Grade Canna Oil, Hash, Edibles, Cloning and more!

    BadKittySmiles - GrassCity!!! - Cannabis World Summit - Comment to WIN FREE SIGNED BeeLine Hemp Wick!

     Hope this helps, good luck with your next batch! :wave:
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    For some reson im always forgetting that bks is an edible making champion and she always pops in threads to save the day lol. I should have known she would be in here to help you. I wish i had a few pounds to play with and make all the delicous looking food shes always posting. Matter a fact im actually subbed to the cannapharm sticky lol.
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  6. Thank you so much for the information BadKitty :)
    So glad I decided to wait.
    All I have done so far is put my solvent and product in the freezer, will read through you stuff then ask questions then begin :)
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    She certainly saved me plenty frustration :)
    Wish there was some way I could add respect or similar to her profile.
    I am still going through that concise and in depth post, my mind is whirling with ideas and progress.
    The rollercoaster ride of paying it forward.
    Namaste :)
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  8. Thanks for all the advice BadKat.
    Made some killer bio absorbable (tastes a bit like perfume/body lotion) and some kickass smokeables :)
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  9. First off, I wouldn't do the extraction cold.  While I wouldn't go as far as boiling the alcohol, I would at least leave both at room temperature.  Secondly, 2 minutes isn't NEARLY enough leaving them just sit.  For each time, shake the fuck out of the jar for about 10-15 minutes, then filter the bud out.  THEN you can repeat the process with the used bud to make sure to get as much as possible.  You could go for a third round, but I'd say as soluble as the cannabinoids are in alcohol 2 extractions should work well enough.  Everything else seems good.
  10. if the alcohol is near freezing it has less water in it.  also if the bud is frozen the water has been seperated from it.  less water = better oil
  11. I have been making it for a year, we moved to Maui to gain the advantage of the best strains, plus the healing power of these islands.
    My ethyl process was customized from RSO recipe, we call it pot pitch because it is thick as peanut butter and 10x the potency of RSO.
    I sell it on ebay:
    Email me for the simple recipe instructions. My beautiful wife has had her hundreds of squamous cell carcinomas cut, frozen, and burned off her skin for 30 years. Thanks to Maui Pot Pitch, she will NEVER EVER come home from the dermatologist with a dozen 1/2" deep open wounds again. She was averaging 10 -20 new tumors a week(freckled Aussie of Irish descent). Since taking my pitch orally at .3 gm per day, she hardly has any new tumors emerge. The ones that do just pop up get treated with pitch for about 3 days, and the little bastard comes right off with the band aid! Leaving healthy, brand new skin under. As a bonus, shes been told over the years that her chronic joint pain is 5 different diseases from fibromyalgia to anklysing spondalisis, it sounds like they just made up a label for every thing they don't know how to treat. Long story short, she no longer needs the 1/2 dozen pharmaceuticals, such as oxy, prednisone, cortical steroids, and so on.
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  12. I didn't mean to bud in as a newbie in the group, idk the protocol. I am just so amazed at the healing power of a thing I make. Wanted to spread my recipe info for all. 1 year ago, I never knew the kind I been smoking for 30 years has Actual healing power. I did a bit of checking online and W/ some dispensaries, and I didn't see anyone doing it my way. For all I know everyone does it this way? There are almost 20 very loyal customers suffering 20 different ailments, that come every month for a refill. 18 more afflicted souls bought a tiny bit online, and at least 1/2 have ordered treatment, some could not pay, and we had them pay the shipping and sent 20 grams free.
    Ill post a few pics of my beautiful wife's lip cancer before and after, it was very slow responding to RSO over a year, but it has shrunk 90% in 2 months, and she's not a smoker, but prefers to eat it right out of the container because it is delicious : >. They wanted to shoot high energy particles at her face, are you frigging kidding me when a plant holds the answers. Let me know if I'm over extending here, just been a fixer my whole long life, of things, never could relate well to the humans. I almost feel GODlike with the locals telling me this stuff is so good and coming over for refills and talking about this and that person they gave some to, healing every skin anomaly, migraines, you name it, its really amazing to me. The locals are not fans of mainlanders here, one was here just yesterday, the second thing he said to me was, "oh-ay brah... you aint so howly" It was the best thing anyone ever said to me because we came here to heal ourselves, and live here forever. 
    Steve (not so howly)
    Just trying to spread the Maui Magic. Folks come here
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  13. Jeez I have been running a double boiler on this ethanol forever for some shatter and I dont feel like its ever going to stop bubbling. Any idea how long it takes and should I let it finish under a fan for a day or 2?

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