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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by metalp, May 7, 2011.

  1. Just ordered pizza hut for the first time ever. I got this.

    - One large pizza, half plain cheese, half olives chicken and pepperoni. i got the half plain just in case the toppings sucked. stuffed crust too, idk why.

    - One of those hershey's breadsticks dipping things

    - One extra thing of sauce for hershey's breadsticks

    Did I make a good decision? Any tips on how to enjoy pizza hut the best.
  2. eat it... how would you make it better than that?
  3. any pizza that has stuffed crust is always a good decision
  4. LOL. gotta love going on these stoner forums and reading all of this stoner shit, its hilarious. a fuckin thread about pizza hut food, god damn i love weed.

    papa johns is pretty good too. papa johns and pizza hut are the best, dominos has improved but its still kinda gross and cheap like little caesars.
  5. Should i take the grease off?
  6. You're WAYY over thinking this bro
  7. no eat it thats the best part!
  8. nah fuck that who does that shit eat it like a man bro. wait, i just reread your thread. this is your FIRST TIME eating it?

    OMG A PIZZA HUT VIRGIN (sorry im really high)

    lol dude pizza hut might be the best delivery pizza enjoy that shit.

    damn dude, you did miss out on the cinnamon sticks. those things are sooooo fucking good. i could eat like 3 boxes of them. they come with dipping sauce this icing shit. get that next time, then drink a large, cool, refreshing glass of coke mmm
  9. Stick it up your butt?
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  10. Also yes I am very happy about my stuffed crust decision.
  11. Should be here soon. I'm pretty damn hungry. I will have to eat it downstairs though so I can't vape and eat should still be good though.
  12. stuffed crust makes it like 1,000,000,000,000 times better
  13. Eating it upstairs. Still have to try the crust.
  14. Ate WAY too fast. Ugh. Only got to 2 slices and 2 breadsticks. Completely stuffed.

  15. [​IMG]
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  16. Just traced your IP, I'll be over in 15 minutes to finish the rest of the pizza. Better be breadsticks left too :cool:
  17. ive noticed that in almost every thread involving any sort of object, regardless of the nature of the post or the role said object has in the post, someone ALWAYS tells op to stick said object up their butt.
  18. Instead of eating the food tickle it all around your asshole then put it in a pile and look at it. After you're done doing that throw it away. You had yourself a fun night!
  19. Lol this thread is retarded. But it's making me mad hungry.
  20. When my bro worked at dominos they made a huge cinnastick pizza when they were bored. Mmm

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