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  1. In a 22inch tall, 11 inches wide, and 6 inches deep box, what would be an average yield? One plant.

    Other factors include under a cfl and i was thinking about auto flowering strains because they generally grow small and this is only a 6 inch depth box. Considering the light and container holding her is taking off a few inches off that space.

    Given that people can do it in a computer and this is alittle taller than youre average desk top how much yield are we looking on at average and or at best of one plant?
  2. A 1 skin joints worth:smoke:
  3. lol that little??? But seriously what is the average yield?
  4. maybe about 10 - 20g if you lst and use a decent amount of cfl wattage (75+ watts)
  5. alrighty thanks.
  6. you'll probably pay more in electricity and nutes
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    10 -20 is that a wet weight? How many cfls u gonna fit n there?

    In my mind I can only pic one cfl.
  8. Sorry I can now pic 3 cfls.
  9. I'd say maybe a half oz...might have better results if you flip it on it's side.
  10. yeah i was thinking of standing it up 22 inches tall and 11 inches wide. but its ONLY 6 inches depth in their. My concern is how constricted will one little girl be in there? Does it need more space for it to branch out?

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