Est-ce que il y a certaines ici qui parlent le francais?

Discussion in 'General' started by Switch, Nov 9, 2002.

  1. Parce que je parle tres bien francais- mais pour ecrire je ne suis pas trop forte... et vous... les gens de la ville de cannabis? Est-ce que il y a autres qui parle les autre langues?
  2. omelete du fromage
  3. Je suis une pamplemousse. Donner mois tous vous croissant!
  4. J'adore mange des petite enfants.
  5. oui, mois je parle francais mais pas tres bien pi jecris pas tres bien mes on peut me comprendre un peut. mais tu me envoirea un message privay
  6. Moi je parle français, je suis du Québec.:smoke:
  7. I speak a bit of spanish and some sign language but thats about it. I understood what you wrote but I would not have the accent down as well as I would want it. Yah, I know im lazy but maybe ill pick up something sometime. :eek:
  8. Whoa, this is quite the old thread.

    Je suis une pamplemousse. Donner mois tous vous croissant!

    but this is hillairious :D
  9. I like the pink grapefruits the best, with a bit of sugar.. yum & healthy. I dont know about being a grapefruit but well... you may be more stoned than I. :D

    i guess i need to smoke more.
  10. uuuhhhhh what:confused:
  11. If I could read spanish i bet i would be laughing now2 but since i dont im left confused. Something about being a grape fruit? [​IMG]
  12. thats french dude

    j'aime le fromage
  13. Oui, bien sure. Je suis d'Allemagne. Nous avons francais á l'école. Pas tous le m onde, mais on peut le choisir. Mais je ne l'ai practisée pas en 12 ans.
  14. ohh si esta bien que suenes con los angelitos :D
  15. Well Skinner, I wouldnt have been able to tell its been twelve years. I took spanish in school, they offered French, & German but where i was living Spanish was a bit more handier. Now, I just hope I can get by in Paris :D
  16. Haha you're going to Paris, too? Nice one. And the deal with the french is if you start in english, they're very reluctant to talk to you. But if you at least try speaking a bit of french they'll embrace you like a brother. Quite funny.

    Gri77on is from Paris. He hasn't been around lately, but I guess being a mod, you'll easily find his email adress...
  17. Yea I've been wondering where Gri77on went! Maybe I'll give him an email..

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