Essential vaaap?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by bamf64, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. anybody have this? can you use straight herb with it or does it have to be hash/concentrate?
  2. Never used it, but it seems similar to a crack pipe? Heat from underneath the glass and inhale the vapors? Should work fine with bud.
  3. looks and works nothing like a crack pipe, lol
    yes you can you weed but it has to be dry and ground up fine
    its better w/ concentrates imo as it is very easy to scorch your weed if you're too ambitious with your flame.
  4. It works just fine with concentrates, never tried it with bud (yuck).
  5. is that the one with the glass vials that you attach to like an aluminum part? just tryin to figure out which vape were talkin about:rolleyes:
  6. Why rolling of the eyes?
    Op wanted an opinion & I gave it to them!
  7. its meant for concentrates, but can be used otherwise
  8. No, use it for concentrates. dont bother using it with herbal material.

    read on, plenty of other vapes better for herb

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